My b'day...

AnNyung HaSeyo again..
just want write a short message in here. Here comes October, there are two special events for this month. On the 4thOctober, is our 5th year annivessary...Alhamdulillah.On the 9thOctober..will be my 26th b'day. Bye-bye 25.I am getting older and older haha...but well, Alhamdulillah. Syukur ke hadrat illahi masih memanjangkan umur.hehe...

For my hubby, I love you so much.My love never changed and still the same as the first time I met you in King Cross Station last 9 years on the 26th November 1998. Just miss that moment. You are everything to you Sayang.

Ok I have to go now...I have work to do...byezzz to all of you...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


AnNyungHaSeyo to all you... word again. It means good morning. I learnt it from a korean friend.haha...all this time i just used oyab seyo.Well, miyo ne (sorry) I haven't post anything in here for a week, if I am not mistaken. There were no interesting story happen in my life lately. Just that, last Saturday night, I went to my my parents house and had a night over. and yesterday, we were invited for sungkai at my cousin's place. Had fun di sana because lama udah inda bekumpul. Sometimes, teringat kenangan semasa dahulu.haha...Miss that time so much...

Today Monday, as nothing o do here..sebabnya banyak kaja udah siap. Thinking of kan membuat notes for my students next year.But at the moment I am using MacBook. My laptop di worksop masa ani...haha..have to reformat. I dunno what's wrong with my laptop. Kan minta usin tu wang haji...hehe...ani I am online at home and di sekolah using MacBook sekolah. At least, dapat jua dipakai. hehe...just have to familiar with softwares dalam MacBook ani. Next year, I'll be teaching MacBook to my students and to the teachers as well. I need help from collegue.He went for the Apple course.

Actually, I am out of words sudah. Inda tau lagi apa kan dimasukkan.I have to go now. Got something to do. My Gb menyuruh membinding for stock book.ok...

I will continue again later. Byez.....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Happy Teachers Day...

Oyab Seyo everyone...
I just want to say Happy Teachers Day to all teachers in Brunei..included to all teachers di Sekolah Rendah Tungku..and Sekolah Rendah Katok...Cikgu Saiful, Cikgu Yangman and Cikgu Pg Ahmad...Selamat Hari Guru. And also Happy Teachers Day goes to all my in laws yang guru Ka jah, Kak Mai, Pijal, G Pyan, my cousins and also to my mum...Guru Besar Sekolah Ugama Penanjong...Maseni Bte Hj Libut...and to my hubby..Hj Hardi...Happy Teachers Day and love you so much...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Happy B'day to our niece..Aisyah

Aisyah...Happy B'day to you from Nurin Shasha, Auntie Ing and Ing. Hope you like your present. Enjoy...loves from us....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Get Well Soon....

Assalamualaikum and Oyab Seyo everyone...
this is my first post for today, Thursday ,20th September 2007. Good morning to all. Local time shows 9.23 am. I am posting here just because i need some refreshment hehe...boring membuat kerja saja. Honestly, I am a person when I am doing my work...mesti ada membuat kaja lain. To me kalau buat kerja memanjang...feel really bored. At least, mesti ada something kan dibuat..such as updating my blog, checking e-mails, reading my family members punya blog...sekurang-kurangnya dapat membuag rasa boring semasa membua kerja. That's me!hehe...
*To my father in law...Get Well Soon. Yesterday, about 5.30 pm...we recieved sms from my youngest bro in law, Faizal. Telling that my father in law is not feeling very well. Ngam jua I open the sms...and tarus ku bagitau my hubby at that time he was sleeping. Tarus ia bangun and get ready. Actually, I wanted to go but I have to cook for our sungkai. Actually, my husband planned kan sungkai di rumah. Since inda sampat, he called me that he will be sungkai at his parents place.It is because he did not want to leave his dad dalam keadaan macam atu. I heard he was really weak. Bapa...Semoga lakas-lakas sihat. Amin.
I came at school at 7.55 am this morning. I know I am 10 mins late. Alhamdulillah, at least our principal is understanding person. Bayar saja masa 10 mins atu..hehe...I came late and balik pun akhir jua sikit. Actually, we are supposed to go back at 11.40 am...but I stayed up to 12pm. 20 mins extra time...hehe...I have to finish my work. I guess may be for today, i will be stay up to 12 pm again..have to finish my work.
Well, I have to stop here and continue doing my work. Byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Last night....

Oyab Seyo everyone...
I just want to share my activity with all of you about my activity yesterday. Well, balik sekolah kelmarin at 12 because got work to do. Even, my principal asked me..."Cikgu Normas, alum balik?" hehe...iya plang menyuruh balik. hehe...As soon as I arrived at home, macam biasa my routine..mandikan Shasha. All these times, my maid inda pernah mandi kan ia. Actually, I just prefer myself to do it.
Then, about at 2.00 pm, kami jalan mendangani my maid mengirim duit for her family di sana. Kami hantar ia balik, jalan lagi. We decided to go to my parents in laws place. Tapi sunyi...semua orang tidur. Kami balik saja..malas kan mengacau...hehe...kami decided kan jalan malam saja...
Last night, selepas kami solat terawih di rumah, we went to my parents in law house. Well, macam biasa the princesses of my sis in law menyambut kedatangan kami...hehe...we had dinner sana jua. We came on the right time, becoz I heard my father in law paning patang atu. kasian. Inda lama atu, my bro in law, Mulyadi datang dengan langkah kanan. hehe...then kami kumpul2 di bilik my mertua. Yang ada..Bapa, babu,mulyadi, me, myhubby, shasha, ka jah, raman, sarah, hannah, aisyah, yasmeen and my youngest bro in law, Faizal.Just kumpul2 sana..having chit chat...watching tv...dengan suara kanak-kanak...Shasha..hannah...
After that, keluar lagi ke living room. Minum-minum...and inda terasa..we went back home at 10.45 pm.Akhir kali tu was a great time...Lama udah inda berkumpul macam atu...Before kami balik, my eldest bro in law, C Abang baru datang.
Ok..that's all for now...ani kan sambung buat kaja lagi..inda siap karang...hehe...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Here comes Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and oyab seyo to all my my friends and families.....
I am so sorry, I haven't posting any of my stories for a week. But it is still not too late for me to say...'Happy Fasting to all my families, friends and muslims...' Semoga Ibadah Puasa kita akan diterima dan mendapat keberkatan dari Allah. Amin.
I would to summarise all my activities for the whole last week...
* Monday, 10 Sept.... kami turun ke bandar and went to my mertua's usual..and of course we met all the princesses of Ka Jah and Raman...Aisyah, Sarah, Yasmeen and Hannah. At that time, Aisyah mengaji sama Babu. We had our lunch di sana...thanks to Babu, Bapa and Ka Jah..for our lunch hari atu..very yummy...
*Tuesday...11 sister graduated...Congratulations to her..and in the afternoon,kami begambar family sempena my sister digantung untuk hari raya lah tu..hehe...semangat chek...
* Rabu...12 Sept...just stay at home. Playing games with my sisters and cousin Baby. Of course..main Game of Life...and the afternoon..went to Hua Ho Petani Mall in barang untuk kan di masak....hehe....
* Khamis..13 Sept...first day of Ramadhan...Alhamdulillah...gembira banar...puasa coming back again...and we had our sahur wioth my family...and my sister's b'day jua..we surprised her mala atu jua..we bought an ice cream cake from Mum's Bakery..and kami nyanyi lagu birthday untuk ia as soon lapas ia sampai ke rumah...hehe....
*Jumaat, 14 Sept...just stay at home..dun remember...i think my cousin ada ke rumah..pasal ia boring di rumahnya...Biasa main Games of Life..ya tah targetnya tu...hehe
* Saturday, 15 Sept...Chef MamaShasha turun ke dapur..haha..I cooked Laksa Kari Ayam for our sungkai...and my sister(Ejah) membuat ayam bbq..yummy...and I also cooked lamb chop for my dad...lapas Sembahyang Terawih with my beloved hubby...ada lagi my cousin mengayau ke rumah..we played Games of Life lagi...hehe...ya tah nya my mum..kan bisai dibawa baca Al-Quran..haha.....kana sindirlah...hehe...
*Sunday, 16 Sept...last day of school oliday...and we went back to bandar during the lunch time...biasa kalau sudah balik ani...babak sedih akan berlaku...Mama nangis..sedih pasal kami balik ke bandar..since school holiday...kami tinggal di sana....and just found out that my mum was crying for the whole night ingatkan Shasha....well what to do..mesti balik..becoz esoknya kaja....
Well, i want to stop here..lain kali sambung lagi..Insya Allah..I have work to do...byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Memories of Bali...

Oyab Seyo everyone...
I have to type all over again...actually I have done the typing. Sudah kan post...hilang tia...rupa2nya...ter disconnected...well...i guess have no choice..buat saja lagi lah. I just wanto to give my sincerely comment on this one Korean Dramas that I just finished watching last two nights, Memories of Bali. I just want to talk about the ending...boring berabis...and cerita yang paling teruk. I won't recommend to you people to watch this story.
Even, masa awal-awal meliat cerita ani...I got this kind of feelings...that I will not meliat cerita ani lagi. Bukan macam cerita korea yang lain..macam, My lovely Samsoon and Full House...siuk kali ah. Macam Full House.. i watched this story for more than 15 times...(even I watched when I was pregant) all Korean Dramas Lovers...better watch My Lovely Samsoon and Full House...lawa berabis..and BEST!

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Dinner@my grandomother's place...

Oyab Seyo everyone,
time shows 12.05 am. Yeah, I am still awake. We had a dinner at my grandmother's and my cousins' place...Abang Hafiz...we call him Abang since ia damit eventhough he is younger than me.hehe...he is my cousin and the eldest son of my Auntie, Chu'nai. Actually, it was his idea for inviting us to his place for dinner.We had 'ambuyat' four our dinner. I will post the pictures next time. He invited us for dinner before he is going to UK this coming Wednesday to further his study. I will miss you...hehe...and thanks for the dinner.Nyaman eh 'ambuyat' and the 'cacah' ah...and the 'ayam goreng' too...haha..nyaman kali ah....
After we having our dinner, kami semua duduk2 and having some tea. We were watching the Anugerah Era together. I talked to my cousin Didi pasalnya my Uncle ngam called ia. Now she is in UK. She was complaining...payah makan sana since she is staying in a hostel di boarding school. Ia rindu makanan di Brunei. Kasian....well Di, I know it is really hard to cope with the new room mate...but Ka Jiah tau you can do it.K. Love you....
Well, Good Luck to dear...I will always pray for you (Abang Hafiz) and Didi...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Oyab Seyo everyone..
today is lovely Friday...che wah...hehe...cuti punya pasal..well, today is the first day of school holiday. Cuti sepuluh hari..thinking of what activities I want to do. For sure, I just spend my time with my Shasha and I want to have a full rest...hehe..
Next tuesday, on the 11th September, is my sister's graduation day. Congrats to you dear and alhamdulillah...I am proud of you...udah kaja...jangan lupa belanja...haha.... Kami planned kan begambar sudio on the tuesday night. Gambar family...and on the 16th Sept..kami plan kan gambar studio with our cousins...hehe...banyak plan ani. hehe...jadi tu Insya Allah. To my cousins..ready ready tah...
Last night, my biras(Syikin) flying off ke UK with my bro in law. Well, good luck and all the best to you. k...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Great sunday....@Royal Villa Empire

Oyab Seyo everyone...

on Sunday, 2nd Septemberwell my family and I went to Royal Villa@ Empire ... Becoz my cousin rented the villa for 3 nights. So, we just take the opportunity untuk swimming. The villa is included with its won private swimming pool.Siuk lah privacy sikit. We went there at 10 am and then balik pukul 9 pm. My Shasha swimming tiga kali...because...sudah ia meliat kami swimming, kan mau ikut tia jua swimming. My myself swimming dari pukul 10 lalu...sampai pukul 4 lalu.hehe..atu ya banar..but ada jua rehat2...hehe...baru puas...hehe...makan donut pun di dalam swimming pool, semua lapar...haha...

I will upload some pictures taken when we were @ Royal Villa Empire...Enjoy your view..

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Bullying my Shasha..

Oyab Seyo everyone,

this is a picture when my cousins (Kak Didi, Kadilai and Kak Nah) bullying my Shasha...haha...pasal drang gigitan meliat my Shasha...haha...they did this infront of me....hahha...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Last Friday...

Oyab Seyo everyone,

this is my second post for today. I just want to mentioned about my activity during last Friday. Last thursday night, my cousin baby and my two sisters...Ejah and Mizah slept over at my place. Well, on Friday, we did not going out. Just stay at home...we played a gameboard called 'Game of Life'. We had a great time. haha..actually we planned to play Monopoly the new version that just using a credit card(no more money paper).I bought it during my last vacation in Singapore. Here, there are some pictures taken when we were playing the game.

Then, after that kami makan sikit2...having snacking sikit (look at the picture). Around 3 pm, drang balik. And yang paling teruk is drang alum mandi masa balik. Teruk eh...haha...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Shasha and her cousins...

Oyab Seyo everyone,

this is my first post for this week. 'Miyo Ne' (I am sorry)...Been very busy lately. On Monday and Tuesday, I attended a course at IPA. Well, I have no comment about the course. Just felt so sleepy all the way during the course..haha...

I would like to post some pictures and updating my blog.So many things that I want to share in here. These are the pictures when there was a tahlil function at my hubby's parents place last Thursday night. Pictures of Shasha and her cousins, Kaka Aisyah, Kaka Sarah, Kaka Yasmeen, Kaka Hanah, Kaka Sabrina, Kaka Syiqah, Kaka Qamarina and Kaka Adriana.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

about me...

A wife to my beLoved hubby, Hardi and a mother to my lovely daugther, Nurin Shasha and to our handsome prince, Muhammad Luqmanulhakim.Love them so much.I am a simple person, Teaching is my career, Love my parents. Love Singing, Love Arts, Love Writing Poems, Love Music, Love Shoppings,Love Window Shopping, Love Cooking. Love Photography,Love blogging and love to learn new things..


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Poem For My Sayang

Cold weather greeted me to online
A special day, unforgettable chat with you
‘HardyBoy’ represented your lines, ‘DzCute’ mine
Fancied to know entire of you
‘Hello’ was how the conversation started
‘Hello to you too’ was how you answered
An hour spent wasn’t enough
Chemistry between us wasn’t a rough
First call didn’t turn to be the last
Phone rang turned up there was never end
Hearts touched was surely fast
Shared and trust began, believe it was never bend
Switched pictures presented ours
Loves started to blooming so deeply
Felt in love definitely occur
Feelings came and interfered suddenly
20th November 1998 when our love whispered
You said‘I love you’ , I was hearing
Night streched, darkness as our witnessed
Winter season we always remembering
King Cross Station where we first met
Kept on searching, his shadows clearly came
Mixed emotions shared our first date
Attractive eyes and smiles he blamed
Felt the warmth of his hand
Held my hand, loves he uttered
Internal feelings from me to my man
Was unbelievable, unexplainable and oddly pured
We walked along the street
Holding hands as we promised
Laughters well-treated, cared I need
Flowers you gave, I was so pleased
Love to you definitely sure and pure
Telling lies would be never
You are the first and last for sure
We love each other would be forever

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