Kami akan merinduimu...Sayang Yapa

Kesakitan yang kau tanggung
Sudah terlerai dan berakhir
Terlalu lama ku merenung
Kenangan bersamamu di fikiranku terukir
Kepergianmu meninggalkan cebisan
Detik-detik indah waktu memeliharamu
Kami memberikan penuh keikhlasan
Menghargai setiap saat-saat terakhir bersamamu
Tangisan begitu jelas kedengaran
Mengiringi kepergianmu
Bacaan surah-surah suci disedekahkan
Senyum dan tawamu, kami begitu rindu
Dihari kepergianmu, hujan turun dengan renyai-renyai
Seolah-olah turut bersedih dan berduka
Kehadiran saudara dan sahabat yang ramai
Turut menyedekahkan surah Al-Fatihah
Di sini kami mendoakanmu
Agar rohmu tenang di alam sana
Kami akan merinduimu
Hingga ke akhir hayat dan masa

Dari cucumu yang menyayangimu dan merinduimu;

Nenda kami, Hj Libut Bin Abun (YAPA) telah kembali ke RAHMATULLAH pada Hari Jumaat, 30 Syawal 1429 H jam 7.08 malam. Semoga rohmu ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang soleh dan beriman. Al-Fatihah.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Don't Get Me Wrong...

Salam and Hello ppl,
I just posted a poem...anyway, first of all...I wrote that poem just to release everything I do have in mind. It is actually about life...my life? could be someone's too...to those who read it, dun get me wrong, ok. Just sometimes, I am just too afraid to face things that bumped and came into my life. With the people around me...hurt them or not to hurt them?...sick of few peoples...kind of that things. I know it is not happening to me...but perhaps..how about you? Where people sick of you..cannot stand you...I am talking about this people. Where people always want to be on the top...being bossy and all that...fuuuhh....anyway...dun get me wrong eh....it is just the days that I am going through the society...my studies...everything......


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Deep inside my heart

Deep inside my heart
Want to cry, but no tears
Scream too hard
Want to clarify, but no ears

Honesty, is it hard to play?
Sincerity, is it hard to show?
Left no words, to say
Myself the one hurt, though

Am I being so ridiculous?
Oh please…stop bothering me
Am I handling things too serious?
Oh please..discontinue weakening me

Something made me realized
Opened my eyes so wide
The past I need to revise
Awkward, no where to hide

Fears, Frighten…let me go
So terrified and too scary
Brave, Confidence…drag me from my sorrow
Lean and lead, far from worry

Normas Aziah @ MamaShasha
2.00 am


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha



Emotions, Dear Emotions
Come within in any moment
Disturb self with no permission
Someone’s mind you always hunt

Emotions, Dear Emotions
Full of illusions
Mad, Anger, Shy you synchronized
Become one, someone ,sometimes not realized

Emotions, Dear Emotions
Through the heart you pushed
Build too much confusions
Unidentified, so confused

Emotions, Dear Emotions
Jealousy, one of all
Construct hatred in definitions
A sick feeling, someone shouldn’t hold

Emotions, Dear Emotions
Loves, Smile, Happy you blended
Blissful, Cheerful the formation
Leave deep impact to whom it dedicated

Emotions, Dear Emotions
Be alert and sensible
Negative emotion is a contradiction
Get along with positive one, pleasurable

Normas Aziah @ MamaShasha
9.25 pm


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Ros Photo Studio...Met Hans

Thanks Hans For The Book...
Message from Hans, with a message that written in chinese...Mudahan badan sihat and murah rezeki

Inside the book..I will explore more later...

Testing my skills...using my Digital Camera..
Today, Friday..as my hubby and I planned to go to Ros Photo Studio in Tutong. I am surveying the DSLR and the price. There, we met Hans, the owner of the shop and he is an experience photographer too. We arrived there around 11.15 am and we left at 12. 30 pm. YEs, we were not only doing the survey things but we were listening to his experience, a bit explaination about the DSLR. He is a good lad and he shared his knowledge about camera. Today, I learnt...Shutter(I heard it before), apeture, ISO, a bit about lenses. We would be sit together and having minum-minum, but he told us...he got something to do in the afternoon. Actually, it was a good sharing session you know. He told us..all the prices of the targeted camera. Before, I wanted to buy 450D...mm...BUT after few survey...mm...I haven't decide actually. Just wait and see lah...hehe...
He also gave me a book as shown above...he said it was his personal book.So, he just gave that to me.hehe..thanks Hans. At least, I got it fro FREE..LOL...thanks again. Really appreciate that. He shared so many tips too about photography with the ISO..plus minus..hehe... Thanks..thanks and thanks...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


What is this?
This is an apple
I will share with you guys the story behind this apple...why is it so special to me. It is not a magic apple..k. hehe...
Yesterday morning, I had a lecture with Mr Leong. He was teaching us about how to do a lesson plan for Science subject. Well, he started with Set Induction. What I still remember, before he asked questions to us, he tear off a couple piece of paper into smaller pieces. Then, he asked a question to each of us..WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FRUIT? So, everyone respond to him by saying out their favourite fruits...which include apple, watermelon, durian, grapes and bla..bla..bla....He wrote all the fruits into each of the small paper. He put it inside an envelope....he asked Alwi (my collegue) to pick a paper out. And the answer is APPLE. After that, in an envelope...he wanted us to guess inside the envelope. It was an APPLE. Then, from the back of the class, I said to Mr Leong...it was a trick...he wrote only APPLE in every paper...haha...since,I can answer..he gave me the apple as y morning present :). haha...itu lah cerita disebalik sebiji buah apple...hehe...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Exercise @ Stadium

Here we are..lapas exercise..ffuhh...lega,..
This is picture was taken masa dapan rumah Kak Nah,masa mengantar baby balik. Kalau inda begambar, inda sah...hehe...

Salam and Hello ppl,
yesterday afternoon, my cousin, Baby and I went to Stadium for exercise...fast walk for 45 minutes. Wah, really sweating eh. Actually, rasanya kan dicancel actuallynya...but I talked to myself...kalau di cancel...nyanyat tia kan cancel sajatu nanti. Mesti kuatkan semangat. aja aja fai ti. hehe...may be, our next one will be on Wednesday. mm..mesti ni exercise...pisan ni ah...badan...hehe..so far...inda plang naik...maintain...haha..tapi mau turunkan lagi....yang calinya kelmarin..c Dayang Baby ah, puasa...patut tah ia mau siap before pukul 6.hehe...kali apa nah...pukul 6 kami siap..sibuk mencari coins kan membali minuman untuk ia sungkai...haha...nasib baik ada coins seringgit haha....apa dah...

P/S: Baby, lain kali, kalau puasa..jiya dai kita embit sin..haha...kalau indo, macam kenalom...ngunjar sin ah...hahaha...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My girlfriends beraya...

Antam..dengan gaya apa kan ni namanya girls..pistol kah..hehe
Action....hehe...antamzz Adui..sakit kali ah tanganku kana tarik ah...

Salam and Hello ppl,

last Saturday afternoon,my girlfriends, Suzi and Maya comefor raya-ing to my place. Thanks to both of you for coming. Sorry girls, inda ku masak that day. Lain kali ku masak ah...hehe..may be Nasi Ayam lagi...hehe...well, here are some pictures taken masa drang di rumah...hehe..we had a chit-chat jua...siuk le...Sorry guys..no tapak kuda ah...hehe...tinggi tu calori nya...hehe..oppzz...thanks girls..when is going to be oue next date....

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

A successful musical performance from our kids for the Teacher's Day Ceremony...

Keratan Akhbar Yang Akan Menjadi Kenangan manis dalam hidupku...

Milin, Cg Linda, Amal and Me
After HM greet us...ambil gambar le...

Me and Amal
Me and thekids from three schools...other 2 schools...sudah balik...

Wafi, my student tool this picture for us..biut ah...Anyway..Me, Amal and Milin
The four teachers yang invloved melatih murid..AMAL nada dalam ani..mana kah ya...

First,I would like to say Congrats to our kids for their wonderful and successful choir on the 18th October 2008 (Teacher's Day Celebration) and also to the teachers including myself...BRAVO!!..hehe...I was glad after I knew that HM and Datin was really impressed..wah...everyewhere we go...ppl kept on greetings us..LAWA EH...WITH THEIR THUMBS UP! WELLDONE GUYS....

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Thanks to my girlfriends...

Salam and Hello ppl,
sorry for not updating my blog since my last entry last Thursday night. I was really kind of bz...ya tah inda lagi te update my blog. Now, here I am, updating my blog.mm..well, as the topic above,I would like to say thanks to my girlfriends for the birthday present gifts. Love it girls...hehe...
Present from my girlfriends
Present from Suzi

Presents from my girlfriends...MY BIRTHDAY GIFT...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Salam and Hello ppl,
just read my friend's blog..about this friends thingy. Well, take it simple dear. Andangnya manusia ani, inda berpuas hati and just being sensitip. mm...first of all, I just want to say sorry lah if my post ani menyinggung perasaan sapa saja. bukan niat kan menyinggung, but just want to share. Sometimes ah, I am asking to myself...some people atu becakap..ikut sedap mulut saja...without thinking orang punya perasaan. Boleh kah kalau inda menyinggung perasaan orang kalau time bercakap atu? mm...entah lah...and satu lagi...cuba tah faham2 tentang condition or masalah orang. buat inda faham..or pura-pura inda faham? fikirkan...satu hari kalau sudah merasa baru tau... banar tah tu cakap orang, kita ani bukannya sentiasa dapat memuaskan hati semua pihak...

Sebelum menutup luahan ini...saya sedia kan pantun...

Saya tidak suka diarah-arah,
Suka membuat apa yang perlu,
Memang sekarang hati ini tengah marah,
Orang yang tidak berpuas hati, pergi lah lu..

Anak combi semalam diculik
Oleh Pak Osman yang miang
Sarang tebuan, jangan diusik
Saya ada perasaan, marah bila-bila masa boleh menyerang...


Sempena Bulan Syawal Yang Mulia Ini...Saya Ingin Menyusun Jari-Jari tanganku...untuk meminta maaf kepada semua...kalau tersilap kata...terkasar bahasa...Minta Maaf ah...bukan datang dari hati tu...sekadar be ibun...terima kasih...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Raya at Ka Ilee's house...

I guess this is the suprise menu for my b'day...haha...sodap...nyaman...Chicken Salad...lain kali buat lagi Ka ilee ah...I know you read my blog...:)
Mmm..manis mangga ani...
mm...tauke udang tah banar...hehe..nyaman...hehe..

Salam and Hello ppl,

now I am waiting for my class.As usual, on Monday, I am having my TP. Betukar wah my class ah, sepatutnya pukul 8 ke 10. ani totally lapas rehat sampai balik.ish, bagi malas. Just to kill the time, kan post pasal my yesterday raya. Yesterday, around lunch time, we went to Ka ilee's house di Keramut Telisai. As she told me the night before...she gonna cook a special dish for my b'day...hehe...mm..nyaman..especially teh chicken salad.yummy...

Then, we played around with the yearbookyourself.com...we just have to have our picture and use the yearbook software atu to change our look ikut tahun2 yang kita ni pilih..macam tahun 1972, 1960 and bla bla...this is what we got...thanks ka ilee...hehe...ketawa banar2 kami sudah meliat gambar2 ah..it was really fun...hehe

This is the one i like the most lah...look so real...macam cegu2 saja


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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

What a long day...n kanyang day...

Salam and Hello ppl,

sorry for not updating anything yesterday. It was really a log day for me actually. I was really tired...tired and tired. Well, yesterday morning...I went to Sek Rendah Katok melatih our students for teacher's day performance this Saturday. mm...I brought cakes as I promised to Milin and Suzan. But I did not remember at all that he couldnt come because ia ada induction pasal ia kaja. So, no choice...I have to meet Suzana nd just give the cake to her.hehe...well, I met her at her workplace.hehe...but I just got feedback from them taht they like the sarang semut cake.hehe...glad to hear that.

Then, during lunch time, we went to Fizah's house, one of my UBD collegue...I drove to her place and yang ikut di keretaku....Meena, Marlyn and Dewi. mm..about the food..eh..so yummy eh.See..I can't control myself lagi ah.hehe...ish..then..lapas atu, around one we arrived di UBD...coz we have class with Miss Malai.mm..we done at almost 2.20 pm. Then, kami convoy lagi ke rumah Nurul...open house jua.hehe...makantah nganya ni bulan raya ani.mm...dalam pukul 3. 45 I left Nurul's house. My hubby was waiting for me...kami kan balik Tutong lagi. Sampai rumah, I supposed to do my packing..kalinya..tetido ku..LALAH berabis. ngalih...kali bangun pukul 5 lalu...baru tah manyap barang.

This picture is taken lapas kami habis class somewhere di CLT section....ambil le...kan di simpan dalam my blog...

Malam atu, around 7+ish, we went to my cousin's house, yang inda jauh dari rumah mama. Kami makan le ke sana..as I said earlier..masa ani makan2 saja.pisan.mm...lama kami sana....my hubby awal balik sikit pasal ia kan membuat kajanya nya. mm..., but i stayed di sana sampai pukul 12 lalu. haha...macam org rumah aku ah..melayan tetamu...haha...sebab ada fireworks and the, kami surprise kan budeh nyanyi lagu be'day with a small cake.siuk lah...hehe...what a long day to me kan...mm..will upload some of the pictures masa di rumah my cousin...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Salam and Hello ppl,
I am in trouble ppl, there some voices told me that I am gaining. Wahh...I am so stress right now. I have to do somthing...to do my threadmill again...aarrgghhh...I think, I drink fizzy drinks a lot. STOP...STOP...STOP...BUT I just can't help myself. Nyaman banar wah....mm..so sweet...yummy....sshhh...ssshhh....STOP!!! I am really in dilema and mixed emotions right now. STOP EATING....In fact, I didn't eat rice...but yet I am gaining. I really HATE...HATE...HATE THIS...macam mana inda, hati senang...alum stress membuat assignment...I have to make myself busy...biasa lah hari raya ani...makan sana sini....kalau inda makan...takut org tersinggung...haha...akhir nya....anyway...HARI RAYA KALI AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....OHHH...NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO......apa saja yang ku cakap ani really represent myself right now and a picture of how I really feel right now.....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Celebrating with my in laws

Salam and hello ppl,

tadi we went beraya to rumah Bungsu and Pa Usop sama2 with my in laws.Then, my niece, Yasmin betanya...Auntie Ziah nada b'day Cake? Kali I said...no one bought it for me...LOL.hehe...then, lapas beraya, I dropped by Makcik Bakeshop...then, singgah ke rumah babu..and di sana...menyayi tah our nieces ani...and I cut the cake.hehe....

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Thanks for the present, Sayang

Salam and Hello ppl,

I would like to say thank you to my Sayang for the flowers and the present. I really appreciate it. Love you Sayang...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My B'day 2008 Greetings from Family and Friends...

My B'day 2008 Greetings

Name: My hubby
Birthday Greetings:Happy Birthday Sayang (kiss my dahi, sang me a b’day song and gave me flowers)
Location: At home

Name: BabyLobz
With a message : Happy Advance B’day JIah
Location: MSN

Name : Ak Amilin
With a message: Happy 27th B’day..with a message…Tua sudah ni..(mm..kurang asam)..anyway thanks…
Location: MSN (tepat jam 12 tengah malam)

Name: Kak Anih
With a message : Happy Advance B’day...alum lagi apa-apa tu 27 atu...
Location :Blog

Name: Maya
With a message: HOHOHOHO!!!! 27 huh?? Ish muda msh hehehe..Mcm saya msh 18 thn maintain yo! Hahaha..Anyway I want to wish u Happy Birthday exactly @ 12! But then mata ku layu katil ku manggil2 dah hahaha..So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I got something for you, so just be patience ah still in progress haha.. ;)
Location: Blog

Name: Baby and Loba

With a message: Happy birthday darlingggg=)may all happiness come to you..God bless youuuu;)love,baby& loba

Location: Facebook

Name: Suzi
With a message: Hi Birthday Girl!! :)Nah! Lambat setapak tah ku!! Well, HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY DARL!! 27 masih. Muda masih tuuu ;)I pray for your happiness and health always ... and a baby next year ... Amiinnnnn ... :D
Location: Blog

Name: Didi
With a message: Happy birthday ka jiaaaaaaaah! :D
Location: Facebook
Name: Asil
With a message: Happy Butt Day Ziah...
Location: FaceBook

Name: Roza

With a message: Happy Advance B'day

Location: MSN

Name: PT

With a message: Happy 27th B'day To You

Location: MSN

Name: Suryanie
With a message: Happy 27th B'day To You
Location: MSN
Name: Ka Rina
With a message: Happy birthday Jiah! May u continue to be blessed with love and harmony in life.
Location: Facebook
Name: Zafri
With a message: Happy Birthday
Location: Friendster

Name: Jijie

With a message: Happy Advance B'day Ka

Location: MSN

Name: Saiful

With a message: Happy Birthday

Location: MSN

Name: Sharizal

With a message: mM alow... Apada ni ah, mM hepi raya n of coz hepi b'day to u, wish u all d best jua, hehe sihat sejahtera, d pNjangkn umur jua n d murahkn rezeki sLalu, Amin...
Location: Friendster

Name: Bebeh
With a message: Happy Birthday ziah...=) have a great day..take care always
Location: Facebook

Name: Riyana
With a message: Happy Birthday..semoga pnjang umur..dmurahkan rezeki n sihat2 selalu.. n happy always beside ur family..amin..
Location: Facebook
Name: Dk Sofie
With a message:
happy birthday.........may all your dreams come true......
Location: MSN
Name: Lina
With a message:
hpy bday to you, smoga pnjng umur dan n b hpy owz wth fml
Location: MSN
Name: Liza and Warya Family
With a message: Happy 27th bday Jiah.. Mudah-mudahan within the age of 27years old ada bertambah satu lagi member in your tiny family ;)
Ikhlas dari :Zam, Liza & Baby Lizam
Location: Blog
Name: Suzan
With a message: Happy B'day Ka
Location: MSN
Name: Amal
With a message: Happy B'day with a kiss on the cheek....cium pipi le..hehe..
Location: UBD
Name: All my UBD friends...
With a message: Singing a b'day song
Location: UBD
Name: Ejah
With a message: Happy bday to you!Happy bday to you! Happy happy happy happy happpppyyy!
Location: SMS
Name: Detz...
With a message: Pssst..Happy birthday dear, smoga d pnjgkan umur d murahkan rezki sihat walafiat...
Location: SMS
Name: Abong
With a message: Happy Birthday Jiah. Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki n bahagia selalu.
happy bday to u, happy bday to u, happy bday to jiah, happy bday to u
panjang umurnya, panjang umurnya, panjang umurnya serta mulia, serta mulia, serta mulia (I guess ia menyanyi ni)
Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamatkan Jiah, Allah selamatkan kamu
Location: MSN
Name: Dewi
With a message: Hpy bday dear, Ol d bes 4 ol ur undertakings n smga sntiasa shat n btmbh tntra keluarga..hehe 3
Location: SMS
Name: Amal
With a message: Normas!!! Hapi Hapi bday!!! hehe hugs! Njoy d day leng...bejaur tah ari ani. Ku doakan semoga brbhgia selalu, sehat walafiat n dimurahkan rezki. Amin.:)
Location: Sms
Name: Chu'nai
With a message: SELAMAT HARI JADI... darling, semoga dipjgkan UMUR, dimurahkan & ditambahkan rezeki... always success dlm hidup mu bersama keluarga TERSAYANG...AMIN
Location: Chat Box (Blog)
Name: Andree
With a message: Happy Advance b'day Ziah...(2 weeks before my b'day)
Location: Blog and Friendster
Name: Noni
With a message: Happy B'day aa...
Location: Friendster
Name: Cathy Hillin
With a message:
Hi Ziah. Happy Birthday and hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
Location: Facebook

Name: Zati
With a message: Happy Bday Jiah
Location: MSN
Name: Fad3110lyn
With a message: hy kaaaaaaa*screming* hahaHPPY BTHDY TO U yg ke brapa ah..? hehe!mmm smoga pnjng umr, may allah blss u n hppy wif ur fmly..aminn...blanja ne kaa..haha!
Location: Friendster
Name: Uyon
With a message: Happy Birthday Jiaaah!! And selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.. kisses for the little lady!
Location: Facebook
Name: Babah
With a message: Hppy B'day Ziah, segetip tin babah kebilu. Smga dipanjangkan umur, dmurahkan rezeki dan di berkati Allah Taala. Amin.
Location: SMS
Name: MrsKhal
With a message: Happy birthday!May all your dreams comes true.. :)
Location: Friendster
Name: Lena Yunus
With a message: Assalamu'alaikum! Happy Birthday Ziah! I hope u had a great one! Aiseh kena bagi bunga ia.
Location: Facebook
Name: Ezah
With a message: Happy B'day to my lovle cuz Jiah..Yeah...27 ni...
smoga panjang umur mura rezei..dpt baby g...amin!!
Location: MSN
Name: Andree
With a message: Happy B'day Ziah
Location: Chat Box (Blog)
Name: Mama
With a message: Happy B'day
Location: Via Phone
Name: Ka Ilee
Location: Facebook
Name: Udin
With a message: Happy B'day
Location: MSN
Name: Soly
With a message: Happy birthday ziaaah! I think aku nyanyi 2X dah tadi di class. hehehe.. As we've said dlm class, 27 is not old laaaahhhh! bah.. have fun!!! :D
Location: Friendster
Name: Dilai
With a message: Happy Birthday!Semoga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki n dibnykan zuriat lagi. Amin
Location: SMS
Name: Ka Didi
With a message: Hapy B'day
Location: SMS
Name: Jimah
With a message: Happy B'day ka and semoga happy alwez with ur family.
Location: SMS
Name: Slurppiiooss Bee..(lupa ku namanya)..
With a message : wawawa lupa ku greet you...Happy B'day to you dear, hope all you wish come true and grant by Allah..Amin!
Location: MSN
Name: E-an
With a message: Happy B'day To You Darling...Semoga murah rezeki..Amin
Location: MSN
Name: Hadi
With a message: Happy Birthday Jiah, Semoga dimurahkan rezeki..Amin.
Location: MSN
Name: Kaka, Adeq and Azhar
With a message: Happy Birthday to Auntie Ing. We wish u all d best n gd luck wif assignments and projects...btw sori kami akhir msg..from your nieces and nephew..
Location: SMS
Name: Serifina
With a message:
happy birthday siz Ziahmay u live in longevity w beloved family..always in good health and happyyy=]much loves,xoxoserifina
Location: Friendster
Name: Green
With a message: happy bday!!wìsh u happy 4eva.^^
Location: Friendster
Name: Her
With a message: Hello there, Happy Birthday =)
Location: Friendster
Name: Mz
With a message: Mama mat ri jdi..SemOGA..Idup bhgia..Bsma keluarga tsyg,mama ziah..Tc owez k,nd..Senyumlh selalu mvhz3x
Location: Friendster
Name: Nurul Kamaliah
With a message: hello. happy birthday to you (:
Location: Friendster
Name: nachaisland
With a message: Happy Birthday Saranghaneun Chinguya
Location: Friendster
Name: Adie
With a message: Ka ziah...hpy bday to you moga2 pnjang umur,murah rezki n slmat ari raya.mnta maaf ku f da tkasar bhasa.
Location: Friendster
Name: Mai
With a message: Happy B'day To You...
Location: Friendster
Name: Yasmin
With a message: Happy B'day To You, Auntie Ziah
Location: Bungsu's house
Name: Aisyah
With a message: Happy B'day To You, Auntie Ing
Location: Bungsu's house
Name: Sarah
With a message: Happy B'day To You Auntie Ziah
Location: Bungsu's house
Name:Muhd Danish
With a message: happy bday 2 u,enjoy ur bday n selamat hari raya
Location: Friendster
Name: Ain
With a message: Happy Belated Birthday..Sorry lambat..
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki and sucess in everything. and as usual... ujungnya.. bila belanja? LOL
Location: Chat box (blog)
Name: Abang Ak Shamsul
With a message: Happy Birthday 2 you,
Hope this year brings joy and betambah rezeki 2 ur family jua
Location: MSN


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Thanks Sayang...

The flowers
Thanks Sayang
Shasha and her flower from Babah

Salam and Hello ppl,

inginkan share with you guys...tadi tepat jam 12 tengah malam...my hubby gave me flowers for my b'day.hehe...thanks sayang. My Shasha pun ampit bunga dari babahnya. Thanks again sayang...nya my sayang, ia kan bawa me jalan and meliat sendiri untuk my present.mm....apa baik ah? hehe....

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Byezzz 26

Salam and Hello ppl,
first of all..I would like to say...HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY TO ME...I will be 27 this coming 30 mins. AArrgghh...byezzsz 26. Ya Allah, Panjangkanlah Umur ku dan murahkan rezeki. Mudahan dapat baby next year, Amin. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengasih dan Maha Mendengar. Tinggallah usia 26, selamat datang usia 27. Bak Pepatah...orang mau umur panjang...tapi inda mau tua...kakaka...banar inda??? hehe....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

To Kaka Anih

Salam and Hello ppl,
this is a request from my beloved sister, Ka Anih. She needs people's definition the terms below. Ka, I hope, all my definitions are accepted.hehe....
Love is universal. It could be love to your parents, siblings, friends and people around you. It is usually focus on when we are deeply in love with a person. It happened without warning , it cannot be seen through rough eyes and it came naturally. It is the inside feelings or emotion that you are fall in love with a person which might lead you to do something unpredictably and perhaps something stupid too. When this feelings hit you, you feel you are the luckiest person in the world. All people love to loved, right? It is a sweet feelings that everyone want to experience it and even wish the feelings will never stop.

This person is someone special in someone’s live. Feelings of care, want to see and miss each other presence. You will never stop yourself without thinking them even thought not in single minute. Usually, they are always in your mind each day and you are wondering what are they doing. To them, you usually share stories and exchange ideas in any thoughts. He/ she will voice all the thoughts that he/she has in her mind just to help her bestfriend so that not lost and make sure they keep on the right track.

Soul Mate
This person must be someone that are really important and much more special than a bestfriend. You usually go through lives in each day with this person. He/she is always be there when you need them because they are with you in every single day. If he/she is away, you will feel half of you is totally gone. In other words, you and him/her cannot be separated. I would prefer this as husband and wife.

Next the best thing

You are the second best, then. If this happen, the comparation will take place and here where people differentiate you and with the best one through ability, capabitly, creativity, enthusiasm and etc.

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Bulan Syawal, Bulan Kemenangan

Bulan Syawal Bulan Kemenangan
Diraikan oleh umat-umat islam
Setiap detik akan menjadi kenangan
Pahit dan manis, memberi kesan yang amat mendalam

Berkunjung di rumah saudara dan rakan
Hulurkan salam sambil bermaaf-maafan
Perkara yang lepas kita lupakan
Tandanya hati kita menunjukkan keikhlasan

Di saat kita menyambutnya dengan gembira
Jangan dilupakan yang telah tiada
Dikirim Al- Fatihah dan doa kepada mereka
Agar mereka sentiasa tenang di alam sana

Nasihat yang inginku sampaikan
Raya diraikan oleh orang yang berpuasa
Sesiapa yang meninggalkannya, fikirkan
Puasa setahun sekali, hanya sekejap saja….

Normas Aziah @ MamaShasha
7.32 am


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

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Poem For My Sayang

Cold weather greeted me to online
A special day, unforgettable chat with you
‘HardyBoy’ represented your lines, ‘DzCute’ mine
Fancied to know entire of you
‘Hello’ was how the conversation started
‘Hello to you too’ was how you answered
An hour spent wasn’t enough
Chemistry between us wasn’t a rough
First call didn’t turn to be the last
Phone rang turned up there was never end
Hearts touched was surely fast
Shared and trust began, believe it was never bend
Switched pictures presented ours
Loves started to blooming so deeply
Felt in love definitely occur
Feelings came and interfered suddenly
20th November 1998 when our love whispered
You said‘I love you’ , I was hearing
Night streched, darkness as our witnessed
Winter season we always remembering
King Cross Station where we first met
Kept on searching, his shadows clearly came
Mixed emotions shared our first date
Attractive eyes and smiles he blamed
Felt the warmth of his hand
Held my hand, loves he uttered
Internal feelings from me to my man
Was unbelievable, unexplainable and oddly pured
We walked along the street
Holding hands as we promised
Laughters well-treated, cared I need
Flowers you gave, I was so pleased
Love to you definitely sure and pure
Telling lies would be never
You are the first and last for sure
We love each other would be forever

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