My Dream...

Morning everyone...
I feel very sleepy now because I ate rice for my breakfast. I am going to stay back during the lunch time. That's why I decided want to eat rice for my breakfast. But then, unfortunately I feel very sleepy and even if there's any pillow definitely I will hit the pillow.haha...I am here updating my blog, at least might keep myself awake.

Anyway, first of all, I would like to Congrats to my sis for her new LAPTOP she just bought yesterday. She kept saying that..LAWA AH LAPTOP KU..PINK LAGI TU... I wish I could shut her mouth...LOL...haha...well, at least now each of us have our own lapwtop except for my youngest sister, Mizah. We always advised her... BELAJAR RAJIN-RAJIN... you could be someone successful and that time no one would stop you and you can get whatever you want in your life. She is the only one of our sister left that we have to look after and have to watch everything she does. Hope she will be successful in her life and education. Amin.

To be frank, I want to further my studies into a degree level just like my sister and my brother. I envy their spirits. Now, my sister is a degree holder , just graduated last year and my brother is going to be in his third year. I really really envy them. I want to be like them. Currently, my highest education is only HND, still not enough for me. Insya Allah, one day I have to make sure I will have my degree. Amin. Pray for me people.

Even, as I posted here before, I will be in UBD in August. Actually, what I had in my mind when I was called to come for the interview. How I wish the call for my degree. This is one of my dream still not yet come true. Ya Allah, give me the strength and hopefully my dream will come true. I want to show to people, I CAN DO IT!

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Yesterday Sharing Session

Morning everyone...
as I metioned in my previous post. We had a sharing session yesterday afternoon at 2.30pm. I would love to share with you guys what I got form this session. To me, it was really interesting topic. The topic was on Cooperative Learning and Enquiry Approach. The presenter was Cikgu Hjh Kamsiah.

Cooperative learning in which pupils work together as a team. The teacher gave them a task and in a group there must be a leader, a recorder, a member and a reporter. At least, by giving these different roles to them will help them to do the task depends on their ability and they know their resposibility. I found this is very interesting and very challenging to the students. By doing this they can develop their skills and minds. Let them settle their problems through the discussion within the group itself. Actually, I am proud to say that I have tried quite similar to this learning style. Remember, about the student's powerpoint I asked them to do. Each group, I gave them a task, then they have to discuss within the group, record or wrote down every single points and then presented it to me. At least, they did a good job.Remind you, each of the students might give, share different ideas, their creativity and contribute to the groups. To me this is an effective way of learning and also the teacher plays an important role.

The presenter told us that we were going to have an activity. We were assuming ourselves a group of students. Since, I was sitting alone in the first place, I decided to join the guy's group. We are Saiful, Sharul, Heldi and me, myself. All we have to do to have different types of Roles. Saiful is a leader, Sharul is a reporter, Heldi is a member and myself as a recorder. The topic was about the Sources of Energy. All we had to do is cut the pictures and paste it to different types of energy. As soon we were done, we were the first group to make presentation. It was done by our reporter, Sharul.We really had fun.We finished almost at 4pm.

Ok, that's all for now.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Family dinner out...

Hello to all my families and my dearie friends...
today is Monday. As usual, I woke up at 6 am in the morning. Lately, I woke up so early.Unlike before my surgery, the alarm rang at 6 and then I will wake up 20 mins later.LOL. Even I reached school at 6.55 earliest time of the year.haha...Then, I went to the staffroom at Saiful's desk to get the ICT Lab keys from his drawer. The key was with him since last Saturday. Then, switched on the air conditioner and got my pen drive. Finally, I managed to show my work on powerpoint for my students to my Principal. Alhamdulillah, he said it was a good job, Cikgu. I was smiling when i heard that from him. At last, my job is done.That was one of my work I was worried about when I was hospitalized.

During the morning assembly, we were launching the Reading Program 2008 for our school. On Monday, my class is at 7.30 am. The earliest class in a week. That is why I have to make sure I have to come early every Monday. And also I have to remind myself to come early this Wednesday because it is my duty for the morning assembly. Tommorow afternoon at 2.30 pm, we will have a Staff Development and on Wednesday afternoon, we will have a meeting. So, I am not going home for these two days. I plan to have lunch with my friends, Surinah and Zarina. I am still thinking where to on Wednesday, I suggested to my hubby why not we have a lunch to escapade.Still not sure yet.

As you all know today is the pay day, my hubby treated us and we had had our dinner at KFC, Kiulap. Thanks Sayang. Alahmdulillah. Then, we went off to Hua Ho Mall to buy some foods and groceries. We bought some fruits, vegetables, chickens, tissue, and etc. Everywhere we go, there were a traffic jam. Orang Brunei ni....kalau udah terima atu...mmm...kalau paham bisai.LOL..

Anyway, that's it for now. Byeezzz....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

What a boring Sunday...

Hello everyone...
I just finished doing my lesson plan for next week. I supposed to do it either last Wednesday or Thursday like I used to. It is due to the workload I had, so got no time to do my lesson plan. Well, Alhamdulillah finally, I have done it.And will print it later.

I woke up at 9.15 am this morning. I went to bed around 1-ish in the morning. I have to make sure I am very sleepy and ready to hit my pillow. If not, I will kept waking up every single hour. If that happened, I tend to feel very dizzy once I woke up from sleep and I can feel my eyes stressed too. Tell you people...I haven't fully recovered after my surgery. As if I am not myself at the moment. My palm always sweating which I don't really feel comfortable. My cousin told me it is due to hormonal imbalance. mm...really hard to say.

I guess I'll be staying at home for the whole day. May be but still not sure. mm..want to go shopping,still not pay day yet... tommorow will be the pay day. So far, thinking want to go GIANT,mm..let see how it is going to be later. At the moment, my hubby is not at home. He is going out lunch with my in laws. mm..hope you will enjoy your lunch Sayang. At the moment, my parents are here with us. mm...time now shows 11.44am and I start to feel hungry. I will have my lunch shortly. I guess I have to go now..Byezzz

What a BORING Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Inforama 2008 & ...

Hello again...
Anyway, nothing much to share. Just that in the usual...I went to work, after that I drove my dearie students for Inforama 2008 @ SRDM. We left school around 7.55 in the morning. Before we left, I had a short chit chat with one of my friend, Surinah. Then, all the way I always reminded my students what should they do...Read The Questions Carefully, If you save your work don't forget to put the name of our school..bla..bla...I know they were nervous. hehe...even myself I was really panicking as if I was the who going to do it.hehe...I just told them...Try Your Best and Tawakal. This is my first time to see how the environment of the real Inforama Competition. All the teachers were doing is just sit and have a chit chat with friends. Most of the them are ICT teachers and we were used to meet each other if there's any ICT courses.

Around 9-ish, we were allowed to have some refreshments. mm...I spoilt my diet today. It was because the chicken curry looked very yummy, so I ate a small amount of rice, curry chicken and acar was not bad at all. If there's any prawn crackers, for sure I will dipped it in with the am telling I really spoilt my diet which i feel guilty now.hehe...(well, nyaman punya pasal....opppssss)hehe...and tommorow I have to make sure I have to limit everything I want to eat. Only take the Jacobs Weetameal for my breakfast. You can do it girl!!!

We left SRDM around 11.45 am and reached at our school around 12.05pm. I got nothing to do, so I just had a chit-chat with Surinah. As usual, she is a good listener.Thanks dear.hehe I went back home at 1.00 pm. mm..then, I spoilt my diet again...I decided to eat Maggi for my feel want to eat it.hehe...Really yummy...I added the lime juice in it.

MM....we had a blackoutaround 4-ish and then we were awake. Around 6 pm,we went to the airport. My going-to-be brother in law flying off to UK after he had short two weeks holiday in Brunei. Honestly, since he was in Brunei that was the first time I saw him. Once he was in Brunei, my dearie sister just spent her time with him. I understand I guess she is having her hard time again.Start to miss him again.

Anyway, still not the end of the day. We were pretty upset once we reached home, there's still no light and the night was so dark. Of course lah dark, kalau paham bisai.hehe We decided to go to my cousin's house, Kak Nah, around the Serusop area. We dropped off my parents and Shasha to my cousin's place and then my hubby and I went off to Gadong Food Stall to buy some foods for our dinner.We watched AF Concert and my hubby recieved a call from his friend telling that the light was already ON. UUUUUUurrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.................FINALLY. Around 11.15 we left and continue online. And now I am infront of my laptop updating my blog. Start to feel sleepy and I guess I have to go now. And for sure, if there's anything interesting happen, I will be updated it here.No Worries.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Lovely Friday...

Hello..hello and hello...
today is Friday and the time shows 9.18pm. mm...I just want to write on what I have been doing for the whole day. Nothing interesting anyway, just that around 11 am in the morning, my tiny family and I went out to have a breakfast. We went to Jollibee. Since, Shasha likes Jollibee so much, so we just decide to bring her having breakfast and our lunch over there. Like usual, she ate chips only. mm..yummy..yummy...hehe...

As my hubby and I discussed, we want to go o GIANT as soon as we from Jollibee. mm...turned out the day was so windy, cloudy and then raining. It was really a heavy rain. So, we just decided to go home. mm...I took my nap as soon as we reached home. I feel so tired like I said before I am getting tired to easily lately. mm...then, once woke up from sleep and focused on my work. I gave a final touched up on my student's project on POWERPOINT. Just downloaded sounds from internet and then insert it to the powerpoint. mm..hopefully, my principal gonna like it anyway.

Around five+ish, I recieved a call from a bestriend of mine, Suzi. She asked me whether she could come to my place or not. Of course, I will say YES. We haven't met each other for almost two weeks now. hehe...around 5.45pm she arrived. And first thing she said...You are losing weight...LOL...hehe...thanks..hehe..I was really happy when I heard that from her.hehe...I will try to lose more weight my dear. hehe...I invited her to have dinner here. As usual, she will not rejecting my invitation. She said she feels like home.haha..she always says that. Even, we planned to have a day out..lunch and watching terima ling ah.hehe....k

She went back home at 8.40 pm I think. hehe..thanks dear for visiting me. I know you miss me..LOL.anyway...what a nice day I have today.

P/S: To my hubby, terima kasih sayang belanja me and Shasha makan Jollibee. We love you...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Interview???haha..Just a short briefing

Salam and Hello to all of you...
I want to make a post here regarding about the 'INTERVIEW' I mentioned in my previous post. I said I was recieved a call from UBD and I were asked to come for interview bla..bla..bla...

I arrived at UBD at 1.45pm and as I planned I want to be there before 2pm.Soly and I promised to meet at one place. But once we got there, the interviewers were really suprised. Our names were not on the lists. He said should be miscommunication somewhere.They kept asking us did us recieve the interview call from UBD. Then, about more than 10 of us was answering 'YES' at the same time. Suddenly, he said that all the people came for this interview are those who is going to teach Physical Education (PE). mmm...then he was trying to figure out the 'misunderstanding' situation. So, he went to see someone who actually incharged on briefing us about the course, told us the person was waiting for all of us in a room for briefing not interviewing.haha...

So, they were just give us a short briefing about our course, Diploma in Education (DIE). I supposed to take IELTS before taking this course but they told us it is not compulsory for this course. Alhamdulillah...I feel so relieved. All this time, in my mind, when I am going to take the exam. But somehow she said not neccessary. haha...and at the end of the session she confirmly said they will be no interview session for us.Yiii hhhaaaaaaa....hehe...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

What a tiring day...

Salam and hello to all of you...
time shows 11.55pm and it is almost 12 midnight. I should be taking my nap now actually. I am preparing myself for my interview tommorow afternoon as I mentioned in my earlier post. Just want to share with u guys what a tiring and long day for me today.

As usual in the morning...I went to work and train my students for the Inforama Competition for this coming Saturday. mm...done with that. I went out lunch with a friend of mine, Surinah at Khaz Corner around Rimba Area. I decided not to go home for lunch since I will be attending a course on 'PORTAL' at Jaya Building not far away from the airport roundabout. I reached there at 2.15 pm since traffic jam was everywhere. I felt relieved that I saw some of the teachers were also coming late and why should I have to worry.hehe....

Talking about the course that I attended.Well,it was fun and honestly I am still blurr and confuse. It was because it was too much clicking, here and there.The most important thing I can cope by the help of the presenter and his friend.After one hour we had a short tea break and I just had a very small amount of Fried Mee Hoon and a glass of water.I couldn't eat the sandwich since the filling was tuna with mayonnaise. I am not allowed to take any seafood at the moment including comment about that.So, we finished at 4.15 pm.

Still not the end of my day. Yesterday, I recieved a sms from my dad telling that my grandfather was really weak and he was admitted to the hospital. So, since we didn't manage to visit him yesterday, we decided to go back to Tutong soon as I reached home, I took my shower and prepare myself. Then, we zoomed at 5.30 and reached my mum's place at 5.55 pm. We just leave Shasha with my parents at home and we went off to the hospital.

When we arrived I saw my grandfather was having his dinner. Then, he was crying when saw me came to visit him. It was because he heard that I was having my surgery and really worried about me. I saw his tears came out. He said to me that he was praying for me night and day. I was really touched to hear that from him. Even, my auntie was telling me he kept asking about me. Sometimes, they just didn't know how and what to answer him. I feel so relieved to see that he is doing fine.Alhamdulillah...

We had dinner at my mum's place and went back to Bandar at 8.40pm. mm...I was taking a short nap with Shasha. Now, I am infront of my laptop updating my blog. hehe...and my hubby just asked me a question...Don't you work tommorow? And I answered him...Of course, I am working later on...hehe...Now, time shows 12.20am and I guess I will go to take my nap shortly. I will be updating more and more stories of my life in here tommorow, Insya Allah.ok I have to go now...byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Hello guys...
I would like to share with you guys that I recieved a call from UBD yesterday afternoon. They asked me to come for interview on the 23rd April at UBD. mm...I have been waiting for the call all this while. This is because some of my friend already done their interview. After 5 mins we hang up the phone, a friend of mine Soly called me and telling me that she was called for the interview as well. Both of us sound really excited but at the same time nervous.hehe...Well, hopefully I will do well for my interview tomorow.Wish me luck.Byezzzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My Real World

Morning and hello to all of you...
today, I am back to work since I had a medical leave for two weeks. I arrived at school at 7.05am and seems that I was pretty excited to come back to work. In fact, actually I am not. Met few teachers asking how's my condition and how was the operation. The first person who asked me was my Principal and next one was Ustaz. hehe...

Means that I am back into my real world..teaching, having class, do lesson plan, handling students...and so so many things to do. I had a class at 7.30am (enough to cover the topic that I have taught them before I was on MC), train my Inforama student using PowerPoint (well, at least I am satisfied with her work she had done while I was away) which is not bad at all. I think I picked the right person. Later on, at 11.30-12.30 I will train them again since the competition day this coming Saturday. I have to give them an intensive training.

Now, it is raining out there and can clearly hear the sound of the it hit the roof. I feel very tired today because I didn't sleep well. That's why this morning I feel a bit dizzy.Ya Allah, Please Give Me The Strength To Face And Handle Things Easily.Ok..that's it for now. Byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

I'll be back to work...

Hello to all of you...
I didn't plan to post anything in here. I feel so bored and bored where there are no interesting TV programme I can watch. Even now, I am watching channel 109@15. I missed watching AF Diary for today. In fact, I want to find out what were the activies the students had for today. So far, nothing much. Just that Taufiq(a singer from Singapore came over to Akademi).

Well, as you guys know I am having my medical leave now for a week.It almost the ond of it and I will be back to work on Monday. mm...I feel i like I need more more days to rest. Next week will be a very busy day for me. On Tuesday afternoon, I will have a course at JayaTimes Square locates not far away from the airport round about. I guess it is the new bulding around the area. So, it will be a tiring day for me. UUUUUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to teach my students those who participate for Inforama Competition. The big day will be on the 26th April and I will be using all my free times to teach them. I hope I can cope with all my works.

Honestly, I am easily geting tired nowadays especially since they removed both of Thyroid glend. They haven't start the teroxin for me. Since I will be flying off to Singapore for my further treatment. Now, we just waiting for the confirmation date. As we planned, we will bring Shasha along with us. I cannot live without her around. I just hope everything will be fine and ok. Just pray for me....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Happy Belated Birthday To Suzi

Happy B'day To You Suzi..
hopefully it is still not too late to wish u in here.But at least I sent you a sms on ur actual birthday. I am so sorry, I just update my blog. As u know, my health did not allow me to get online for too long.hehe...Anyway...Happy B'day...Love you my friend.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

The surgery went so well...Alhamdulillah

Assalamualaikum and hai to all my families and friends...
currently I am still in the hospital. I admitted to Ward 11 at almost 3 pm last Friday, 4th April 2008. I was accompanied by my beloved husband. But my blood pressure was not that bad at all. not as higher like last November. I felt relieved to know that. mm..well, after that there was nothing to do, just sat and lying on the bed. Hoped for wi fi detected but unfortunately there was not even any signal of it. What a boring day. There was no astro and we just watching the RTB channel. mm...talking about my feelings at that time...all well-mixed like 'rojak'.Honestly, I was really not looking forward for my surgery. Since I was the only ENT patient going to be operated, so the doctor set the time that I will be sent to the operation theatre at 8 am. It was too early to me...but i just follow whatever the doctor instructions.

5th April 2008 (The moment of truth)

I did not sleep well the night before. Everything was not right to me. I can say I felt I was really nervous to face my early surgery for the next day. mm...before I was sent to the operation theatre, as usual the nurse do their job. And yet I still remember she was the same person who injected the medicine to me last november. mm...but it was hard for her to recall.hehe...but I still remember the way she talked(ala-ala indon gitu loh). I did not feel anything when she injected me.Then, the time came. My hubby, my sis and my parents-in-law walked along and sent me up to the outside of the OT.The doctor was already waiting for me inside. I could even see Dr Sharma, Dr Sara and some other doctors that really looks familiar and have seen them before.

I even talked to the one of the doctor and requested if they want to inject the medicine...not through the same vein like what they did like last time. I dunno what, where and how to describe where the vein is. As usual, it was hard for them to find my vein. What's wrong with my vein. They were trying to find my vein from both of my hands. Then, for the third time they successfully found my vein. Even, they told me earlier, they had to inject me thorugh my have to agree with that. Well, once the medicine really worked on me...i felt so dizzy. mm...counted to three...I was already gone.hehe...What I remember, once they were pulling out the thingy out from my mouth...I felt want to vomit. I guess, they let me to have a rest after that. mm...anyway, everything went smoothly and I was inside there for 4 hours. I was really surprise.

It was just too much to remember what exactly happen on that day. After the operation, I was just lying on the bed and still dizzy. Then, I woke up want to go to the toilet. But I couldn't simply walk since I was really dizzy. So, they offered me to use the wheel chair. mm...I know I looked too bad for everyone who saw me that time. My neck was halfly covered and bandaged.hehe...I guess the stitches are more than 15 this time. mum brushed my hair, so that I looked clean and fine. After that, there were two nurses wanted to inject the antibiotics...I don't like to take the antibiotics. I have no choicce and have to agree ,it is use for preventing my scars from infections take place. I still remember who came on that day...of course Bapa and Babu, Rahman and Ka Jah, Syikin and G Pian...around 5 pm...Suzi and Sharol. Anyway guys,thank you so much for coming and visited me.

To be continued....

mm....I was in Ward 11 till Sunday. They were sad and sweet memories when I was in there. On Sunday, the doctors instructed the nurse to take the blood...there it goes again. was taken one of a nurse guy...he complaint to me, it was really hard to find my vein. He asked me to relax.hehe...the first blood came out. He was really sorry for that. mm..and he said he cannot find the vein for the second time..he was goingto give up. He was there for about 15 minutes...looking for my vein from the right hand and to the left hand. I kept asking to the nurses..if there's any empty room in the first class ward told us to wait for the queue and really full at that just wait for the time to come. Suddenly, during the lunch time, we were told that there was already a room ready to be checked-in.hehe...I felt glad and relieved when I hear that from one of the nurse.

I thought once I moved to the room, I could sleep well. But actually no. Perhaps, may be it was just because of the new environment, that's all. mm...I was really nervous since I know the host in my neck will be removed on the next day as the doctor promised. Actually, the doctor was around 8 plus in the morning but at that time I was taking my bath. Perhaps too long, they decided to come back again later.Doctor Sharma came back at 10 plus and he really wanted to have check at my stitches.It was ok. Then, he said he wanted to remove the hos. This was the part I still cannot forget how painful it was. My sister was holding my hand at that time.She helped me to calm me down.BUT I was still can feel the pain when he removed the host along the stitches from inside. I was crying, I just let it out. I know, I feel ashamed crying infront of my doctor, but there was nothing I can do. It was REALLY REALLY PAINFUL. It was just cannot explain in words.

Just to make it a short one...I was in the hospital for 9 days. Last Sunday, the doctor removed my stitches. I was not that painful since it was already dry and hard. But honestly..he is really really a good doctor and really show that he is a specialist. Anyway, thanks to Doctor Sharma and all the doctors involved during my surgery took place. And of course, a very big thankful to all my visitors...especially to my beloved aunties, uncles, my in laws, my cousins...and my friend..Suzi and Sharol...they were visiting me three times.Thank you once again and we are really appreciate it.I will try to get the pictures when I was admitted in the hospital from my sis. I still remember she grabbed some.Byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Surgery on Saturday

Salam and hello to all of you...
well, just a short post for this one. I will be admitted to Ripas tommorow afternoon and my surgery will be on Saturday. Honestly, I don't really know how exactly I feel at the moment. Everything is mixed. Anyway, just pray for me...and thanks...byezzzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Story of my CT Scan

Hello to all my friends and families...
I would like to share about my CT Scan last Monday. I know, it is a bit late tto update about it. It is because that I have been very busy for last few days. I have to finished up all my works before I admit to the Ripas hospital tomorow. Actually, on Monday, I had an appointment with my doctor just to review before I will be operated this Saturday. It was justa procedure that need to be completed. One of the specialist felt my neck and unfortunately he can feel something was inside and a bit painful. So, they wanted me to do the CT Scan as soon as possible since the operation day this coming four days. So, we went to the radiology department to make an appointment for CT Scan. And they gave me in the afternoon itself. Since I would be scanned from my neck to mty abdomen, they gave a a water to drink called the contrast ewater that I have to finished it all before the CT Scan.As well as, I did not allowed to take any hungry even I did not have my breakfast at all on that day.

So, I arrived at Ripas at 1.50pm and directly go to the room 15. As usual, I have to wear the 'special cloth' for the CT Scan. Then, one of the nurse, I have to inject me a medicine so that everything can be seen during the scan. But suddenly she had to pull it goes my first injection. Then, another nurse gave a try and hardly to find my vein. There goes the second one, the result was still the same thing. She injected me for four times, but still couln't find the right vein to inject in the medicine. She gave up and called the doctor to do it. Unfirtunately, a doctor who already have experience also failed to found my vein. So, he injected me for 3 times. It was really painful and I felt like to kick the doctor ma. It was just too much for me being injected for 7 times in a row. At last, all of them give up. What a bad day!mm..I just hope the result is going to be fine.

Then, my hubby and I went to La Mee Restaurant at Serusop area. At 3 I had my brunch.yummy...Both of us having Mee Mamak...hehe...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

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Feelings came and interfered suddenly
20th November 1998 when our love whispered
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Winter season we always remembering
King Cross Station where we first met
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Attractive eyes and smiles he blamed
Felt the warmth of his hand
Held my hand, loves he uttered
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