Some raya pictures...

Well, I am posting some of the raya pictures here. Someone has been waiting...hehe...nah ken...gambar kami...hehe...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Happy Our 9th Year Annivessary...

Just want to say simple words to my beloved one...Happy 9th year annivessary to you sayang...I will always love you forever...I really love are everything to me. This is for you sayang....

When I first saw you,
I was afraid to see you...
When I first met you,
I was afraid to hold you...
When I held you,
I was afraid to kissed you...
When I first kissed you,
I was afraid to love you...
When I first loved you,
I was afraid to lose you...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My new friend...

Assalamualaikum and hello...
well as I promised earlier about updating my blog. Well, here I am. hehe...the story for these 3 months. hehe...As you guys knbow, that I am working in Sekolah Rendah Katok now. I reported on the 13 August 2007. There were only 5 of us in the school. A week after that, I have a new friend. She works as a cleaner in our school. Her name is Surinah. We are in the same age but I just a few months older than her. Now, she is my close friend. I always share stories with her. And unexpectedly, she is actually related to me. Her grandmother is the aunt of my grandmother. Macam mana kan tu ah?? She is consider as my grandmother. I post our picture.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

MamaShasha Return

Hello and AnNyungHaSeYo.... has been for ages I didn't post anything in here. Being honestly...just not having mood to update my blog. Before I can update my blog in my previous school with the internet free.But since i moved to Katok..there is no, i have to use my b mobile to online...if upload know lah...credits pun low.hahaha....

Because there is someone complaining...when am i going to update my blog??? hahaha....Sabar ken ah..Insya Allah..karang patang kah...haha...with all the pictures you want to see. Sorry ah...lama uda inda update. Tapi ani Insya Allah..akan di update selalu. Especially ada internet udah nanti di sekolah..wi fi nanti sanang. hehe ...di staffroom or di class pun sanang online....

Actually..there is nothing much to share. Mmmm...yeah...last 3 weeks..3rd November...I had a surgery. I did mention here before about the something in my neck. Well, everything wet smoothly...the thingy exactly look like a meat ball....haha...dunno what was that.but unfortunately...I have to do my next surgery this January. They found out the thingy was actually came from my thyroid. mm...i did not expect to go through the operation again. I dun like to be in the operation theatre with the smell inside there. Just dun like it. But what to do...if i have options..i dun want to go through the operation again.But no choice. After the surgery, I will be flying off to Singapore to do the treatment. :(

Well, i think I want to stop here for now. I will upload the pictures that i have later. ok...byezz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

about me...

A wife to my beLoved hubby, Hardi and a mother to my lovely daugther, Nurin Shasha and to our handsome prince, Muhammad Luqmanulhakim.Love them so much.I am a simple person, Teaching is my career, Love my parents. Love Singing, Love Arts, Love Writing Poems, Love Music, Love Shoppings,Love Window Shopping, Love Cooking. Love Photography,Love blogging and love to learn new things..


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Poem For My Sayang

Cold weather greeted me to online
A special day, unforgettable chat with you
‘HardyBoy’ represented your lines, ‘DzCute’ mine
Fancied to know entire of you
‘Hello’ was how the conversation started
‘Hello to you too’ was how you answered
An hour spent wasn’t enough
Chemistry between us wasn’t a rough
First call didn’t turn to be the last
Phone rang turned up there was never end
Hearts touched was surely fast
Shared and trust began, believe it was never bend
Switched pictures presented ours
Loves started to blooming so deeply
Felt in love definitely occur
Feelings came and interfered suddenly
20th November 1998 when our love whispered
You said‘I love you’ , I was hearing
Night streched, darkness as our witnessed
Winter season we always remembering
King Cross Station where we first met
Kept on searching, his shadows clearly came
Mixed emotions shared our first date
Attractive eyes and smiles he blamed
Felt the warmth of his hand
Held my hand, loves he uttered
Internal feelings from me to my man
Was unbelievable, unexplainable and oddly pured
We walked along the street
Holding hands as we promised
Laughters well-treated, cared I need
Flowers you gave, I was so pleased
Love to you definitely sure and pure
Telling lies would be never
You are the first and last for sure
We love each other would be forever

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