Hello..this is my second post for today. I want to post some pictures of the dishes when we had our hi-tea&lunch at MOD's restaurant at Jerudong area. I can say that it is a Thai food restaurant. We ordered Steamed Chicken Rice but somehow the chicken changed to fried chicken..mm...tang hoon salad, tom yam chicken, somehow the one came out is tom ayam seafood and Kang Kong cooked with belacan.hehe...well, the taste is not bad at all.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Relief Kidnergarden

Yesterday..early morning I relieved a kidnergarden class for an hour from 7.30-8.30 am. The kids were asking to do the coloring the Brunei flag for coloring competition for National Day.I had fun with them and feel like all of them are my own chidren. Some of them are very cute...hehe...I am posting some of the pictures taken by me...as u all can see they were busy colouring and writing..heh

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Shasha breakfast

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago when she had her breakfast after her shower. You can even see her hair was still wet...hehe...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Lunch @ Escapade

Hello again..
just a short post here. Yesterday, my hubby and I had our lunch at Escapade Sushi in Kiulap area. As usual, we ordered futo maki, philadelphia maki, salmon maki, wakame, mini salmon mayo and green tea ice cream.hehe..forgot to take a picture of the ice cream.

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Activity Last Weekend

Hello to all my families and friends..
this is my first post for today. I would like to add in and share with all of you about my activities last weekend. Nothing much interesting anyway. Most of my time I just spent at home and do all the house work.

Thursday night- 21stFebruary...as usual I did all my laundry, prepared for cooking and had our dinner around 8 pm. Then, my hubby recieved a call from my bro in law, they were about to go to JPMC to bring my sister in law.Heard that she was weak then she admitted in a ward. We went to the JPMC around 9, before that I have to take my shower. For about 30 mins waiting for the doctor to do the check up on her, she had to be admitted.Since, my mother-in-law will be staying and looking for her at the JPMC... my hubby, my bro-in-law, Pijal and I went to Sungai Hanching to pick up my mother-in-law's things.hehe...correct me if I am wrong. I know my english is not very good. hehe...then, we went to the Food Stall at Gadong to buy some food for my mother-in-law. Well, for my sis-in-law, Ka Jah..Get Well soon.

Friday-22nd February...I would like to congrats to my cousin Bodeh and Ejam for your engagement day...God bless both of you. The night time, I went to my cousin's place because my dad and gang were playing musical band.

Saturday-23rd February..Happy National Day to everyone...mm...not really sure what activity I have done for this day.Think, I just stay at home and do the houseworks.Late afternoon, my hubby and I were playing badminton for almost 45 mins. Well, at least we did some exercise.hehe

Sunday.24th February..my hubby and I went out for our 'date'...hehe..firstly we went to my mother-in-law's place and had our lunch there. After that, went out with my bro-in-laws, Pijal and G Pian to Yayasan and later on to Hua Ho Mall. I bought just a small television for our room at my mum's place. Need to replace my old TV.hehe...wmy 'Sayang' belanja ice-cream...yummy..thank u sayang...Around 4 pm we were already at my in-law's place and had hi-tea..eating popia and sausages...nyaman kali ah...around 5 pm we went off back to Tutong at my mum's place...fixed the old tv with the new one..after that.we were playing badminton again..eheh...

Well, that was all about my activity during my last weekend. I will post some of the pictures here..

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Poem of the day


Monday is today
Hot, sunny, absent wind the weather
Mixed emotions all the way
Tired, bored it is either

Inside of me shouted gently
Here, Monday it comes again
Whispered to myself calmly
It will always appear and never end

Here, there and everywhere
The day is always being murmured
Sighed, breath in and out share
Seldomly heard, ‘Yeah, it is Monday dude!’

Push myself to cheer up
Say to my mind never give up
The day is always haunted
Working days started

Hello to everyone...this is my first post for today. yes, a poem again and yet it is a simple touched from me.hehe...as we all know..when Monday comes...Inside of us always sighed...there it comes again...Monday...the most favourite day in a week...dddddddduhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!.....hehe..I want more holidays....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Poem of the day

No Maid

From morning to night
Feel awkward and not right
Tiredness appeared
Sleepless disappeared

Morning as a teacher
Full of emotions
Full of actions
Afternoon as a maid
Full of movements
Full of visions

From laundry to kitchen
That is surely
Done manually
And automatically
Ironing's routine daily
Among other things
Cooking's my speciality

All work's done
Satisfaction concluded
No maid
Not drowned
No maid
Privacy's owned

*Well, in my previous post I did mention about my maid is going back home for quite some time. Since then, I did all the works..washing, laundry, cooking, washing Shasha's bottle, ironing..hehe..isteri mithali gitu loe..and at the same time, I am helping my mum. If I am capable doing it, then I will definitely do it.hehe...and a bestfriend of mine ask me to write a poem on how my life since I have no maid.hehe..

*To Suzi..here is the poem as u requested last night. I am finishing this for 10 mins. And don't be surprise if it sounds funny and grammatical error haha...enjoyzz then..Dun foget comment ya..


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Shasha with her new drawing board

hehe..this is my fourth post here. I want to post picture of Shasha playing, concentrating, writinm, drawing on her drawing board. Not so sure..but i think it is a drawing board..hehe...thanks Suzi..hehe

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Breakfast @ RBC

Hello again...
hehe..i think this is my third post for today. I would like to post a picture when we were having our breakfast at RBC last Monday. well, as you all know RBC served very good quality food. I ordered Nasi Lemak, Babah, Mama and my Sayang ordered Fried Kueh Tiaw, my sis had a beef steak and for Shasha we ordered chips.hehe...Nyaman kali ahhhhh.............

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Pictures of the Home Made Sushi

>>>>>>>>>>>We are enjoying our sushi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>mmm...what do u think?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>My first touch>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hello..I am posting some of the pictures of Sushi I made as I promised last Monday. Well, enjoy your view.hehe...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Special Little Girl

Hello..this is a picture of the special girl that we met at the mall when I had a date with my cousins. To me, this is a very special girl that created by Allah. She is very cute....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Happy 19th Birthday to Abang Hafiz

I would to say Happy Birthday to Hafiz. May Allah bless you. I pray for your longevity, prosperity and sucessful in your life.Byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

No maid

Today, my maid will be flying off back to Indonesia for her leave.hehe...for a month only in fact less than a month. Means that 'I HAVE NO MAID'.haha...everything I have to do it by myself...no more yelling and call name 'ANA' to ask her to do something for me.hehe..I will be on 'holiday' for almost a month yelling her name. So, I ahve to make my own schedule since I'l, be working every morning. I ahve to do all the washing, ironing, preparing Shasha's bottles ......................and so many things again...in the afternoon and evening time. I will be very busy and tired while she is away. Currently, I am staying at my mum's place in Tutong and I have to commute everyday to work. mmmmmmmmm...no choice. Anyway..I gtg now...I am in rush to go to the airport.byezzzzzzzzzzz.....

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Sushi sucessfully made...

Hello everyone...
as you guys can see the topic..hehe..Yeahh...my home made sushi is sucessfully made.hehe...Actually, I wanted to do it last Thursday night but the ingredients did not complete at that time. Fortunately, last Saturday night I managed to produce 4 different type of sushi. haha..I made a Teriyaki sauce too..it wasn't bad at all. My dad said the tase of the sushi like in the Japanese Restaurant one.haha...At least, my first touched brought me to a success in the end. I will post some of the pictures here next time.I haven't got the picture cutrrently. My 'sayang' challenged me to the sushi..hehe...even my 'sayang' said...'NYAMAN'..haha...But it took me 3 hours for the preparation. I started at 6.45 and finished at 9.00.haha...ok..gtg ..hehe...byezzz........

*I will post the pictures tomorow as I promised...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

I got this 0n Dr Phil's Personality Test

I scored 37 on Dr. Phil's personality test
Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.

*This is really ME!

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Happy Belated B'day To Baby

Well, I would like to say Happy Belated Birthday to Baby..well, I know it is 'belated' wish for you. At least, I wished you yesterday kan. Selamat Panjang Umur dan dimurahkan rezeki, Amin.hehe..

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Your Birthdate: October 9

You are a born idealist, with more pet causes than you can count.
You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.
Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.
You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.

Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility

Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic

Your power color: Pine green

Your power symbol: Circle

Your power month: September
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Great Outing With My Cousins....7th February 2008

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>My Sayangsssss>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>Our family>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

..........My tiny family 1.................

>>>>>>>>My tiny family 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>Me and my cousins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>My Family>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>My Big Family>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hello..time shows 12.04 am. MM...feel tired actually but I want to tell you guys that I really really really had a fun yesterday actually..hehe...on the 7th Feb 2008. Bodeh, Ejam, Zati, Baby, Aji, Hadi, Warah, Nadiah, Ami, Isyra (bodeh's friend) and a guy (dunno his name...a friend of my cousin, bodeh too), Adin, Udin, Ejah, Mizah, Abong, Minan (Zati's bf).My husband and I went out for a 'date' with my cousins...Well, we had four activities. Firstly, we watched a comedy movie called CJ-7. Secondly,we had our dinner together. Thirdly, we went to the arcade and lastly we went to NBT to take some pictures.

About the pictures, may be I will post some later. May, for the moment I just copy it from my sis's blog and paste it into mine. We watched the movie at 4.15 pm. The story was nice and funny. It is a comedy movie. I love the CJ-7. I am going to miss 'it'.hehe cute berabis...we out from the cinema almost 6pm. Not very long story.

About second activity...we had our dinner together. Well, bayar masing2 plang. Kasian...but sampat ku belanja c Hadi and drang c Ejah. hehe...c Hadi dari hari atu uda kan minta belanja...well, I paid for his dinner lah. Then, later on..my cousin Lomah and her daughter, Sarah joined us. hehe...

Third activity...we went to the arcade. As usual, we went and looked for the k-box.hehe...Luckily, I found my sis Mizah and Nadia was in a k-box. I just went in and interfered them. haha..rasa jua tu kali ah.hehe...then, they surrendered and they were playing some other games. Then, I asked my cousin, Lomah and Bodeh to join me in the box. Yoooo....we sang more than 5 songs..haha..inda apa lah. Just for fun, right. Well, jarang kami hang out macam ani. I think, since I am married, this is my first time hang out with my cousins macam atu. Trust me..for 5 years...nda keluar sama drang. But now, I have to open my eyes and my mind. All these while, I was just thinking that I am married and everything is limited. But hey...wake up...eventhough I am married...it still cannot stop me to hang out with my cousins and friends. As I told to my sis and a friend before, I am totally different now. If I want really to do that thing, I will definitely do it. I will take it as a challenge. The most important thing that everything I do, I will get a permission from my sayang. But if he doesn't want me to do anything he doesn't want me to..I will definitely not doing it. Now, I am already pot-pet pot pet too far away from the topic..haha...
At the arcade, we found this cute little girl and very special one to me.mm....and an amazing girl that created by Allah.

Fourth activity...we went to NBT to take some pictures. Before that, we went home and picked up my Shasha. hehe..sanggup kali ah.hehe..siuk..ramai kami begambar di sana...no worries..I will post the pictures in my blog later.hehe...k...

>>>>>>>> Enjoy you view>>>>>>>>>>>>

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Weekend, 2nd and 3rd February 2008

Hello..this is the pictures that I promised to post here. As you can see, the pictures when Shasha was playing the slide and another she was sitting on the baby chair waiting patiently for her food to come.hehe...and someof the pictures taken when we have a small gathering at my place last Sunday. Even, you can see the lemonadfe on the table..hehe..thanks to Kak Nah. Well, enjoy your view...byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Hapy B'day To My Bro, Udin

Well, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my brother, Udin..it was yesterday. Sorry, I know I am wishing you a bit late.hehe...anyway...Semoga Panjang Umur and God Bless You...Love you.

MamaShasha, Shasha & BabahShasha

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Great Weekend

Hello to everyone...
well, this is my first post for today. No poem today...hehe..I would like to share with you guys what did I do during my weekend. On Saturday night, around 7.30pm my sis, Ejah, Shasha, my maid and I went to Batu Satu and had our dinner at Jollibee. My 'sayang' couldn't jopin us because he attended a 'tahlil' function at his Uncle's house.As usual, we ordered sphagetti, chips, chicken meals with the gravy..yummy...and I have some pictures taken on that night. Shasha was playing the slide at the children's area..hehe...that was her first time playing the slide. I noticed she was really excited when she saw some kids were playing there.

Then, on Sunday..the same committee..hehe...Ejah, Shasha, Ana and I went out to Kiulap area. My sister wanted to buy 'tudong'. And I managed to buy some. mm...nda tahan mata bah...nda membali.hehe...Then, we had our lunch at 2 pm at Thai Fiood Restaurant at Serusop. Later on, we recieved a call from my mum telling that they were at the Hua Ho Manggis Mall.So, I invited them to have lunch together. Nyaman kali ah...hehhe...We 'ordered udang sambal petai', 'kangkong belacan', my sis and Ana ordered 'Nasi Goreng Pataya',my brother and I had 'Sweet and sour chicken', my sis mizah had a sweet and sour prawn and lastly my mum with her yummy 'kueh tiaw goreng'.hehe...and once again my 'sayang' was not with us. He went out with his brothers. May be, sometimes 'us' need our privacy time. Anyway Sayang, lain kali alai belanja u makan sana..k.Love you...

Later on, we picked up our cousin, Baby at her sister's house. As usual, we gathered and we were playing cards, BIG 2. I sms my cousin, Kak Nah and offering her to come over at my place. Yeah, around 5.30 she arrived and we had a bit 'minum-minum' hehe...thanks Kak nah for the lemonade. Nyaman...Still not the end of the story. I invited them to have their dinner at my place. I cooked 'Ikan Asam Pedas with bunga kantan', 'Sawi' for the vege, with the ready made kuah rojak...just mix the sotong, timun and 'KangKong', sambal belacan with ulam-ulaman and our main menu is 'AMBUYAT'. To kak nah..thanks for the eggs...hehe...This time my cacah was the mixture of binjai and tempoyak..hehe...yummy...hehe....I try to post some of our pictures here.k...Will continue again later..byezzzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Hello to all my friends...
well, there is one more poem created by me for today.hehe...got nothing to do. Since I have the mood to write, why not. I am planning to my lesson plan after this and print it out straight away.So, I don't have to worry doing it tomorrow. Feel a bit tired after we had a walkhaton activity for our coco in this morning. I had fun and from now on, I will say 'no' for doing all activities that can make me feel better and more healthier. In fact, I want to lose more weight. MamaShasha... YOU CAN DO IT!!! Ok..I gtg now..and want to do my lesson plan. Byezzzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Poem of the day


A day linking Friday and Sunday
Cheerful and full of laughters
Walkathon the earliest activity of the day
Feel more healthier and better
Netball students patiencely waiting
Thirthy minutes practiced spent
Caught a boy were spitting
No chance and punishment given
Thinking what to be done
Whole day class is none
Monday is a day I recalled
Lesson plan won't be forgotten at all

Wrote By:


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

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A wife to my beLoved hubby, Hardi and a mother to my lovely daugther, Nurin Shasha and to our handsome prince, Muhammad Luqmanulhakim.Love them so much.I am a simple person, Teaching is my career, Love my parents. Love Singing, Love Arts, Love Writing Poems, Love Music, Love Shoppings,Love Window Shopping, Love Cooking. Love Photography,Love blogging and love to learn new things..


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Poem For My Sayang

Cold weather greeted me to online
A special day, unforgettable chat with you
‘HardyBoy’ represented your lines, ‘DzCute’ mine
Fancied to know entire of you
‘Hello’ was how the conversation started
‘Hello to you too’ was how you answered
An hour spent wasn’t enough
Chemistry between us wasn’t a rough
First call didn’t turn to be the last
Phone rang turned up there was never end
Hearts touched was surely fast
Shared and trust began, believe it was never bend
Switched pictures presented ours
Loves started to blooming so deeply
Felt in love definitely occur
Feelings came and interfered suddenly
20th November 1998 when our love whispered
You said‘I love you’ , I was hearing
Night streched, darkness as our witnessed
Winter season we always remembering
King Cross Station where we first met
Kept on searching, his shadows clearly came
Mixed emotions shared our first date
Attractive eyes and smiles he blamed
Felt the warmth of his hand
Held my hand, loves he uttered
Internal feelings from me to my man
Was unbelievable, unexplainable and oddly pured
We walked along the street
Holding hands as we promised
Laughters well-treated, cared I need
Flowers you gave, I was so pleased
Love to you definitely sure and pure
Telling lies would be never
You are the first and last for sure
We love each other would be forever

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