Young Mango, Cakes from Mums Bakery and Sushi...

Salam and Hello ppl,

here are all the yummy pictures food. I have been craved to eat the young mango last week. So, I just fulfilled my want-to-eat list and bought it at the food stall inGadong area. so yummy. Then, have to dip to the shrimp paste sauce. It is a nice combination though.hehe...I guess, I want to have my period.hehe..

The young mango....yummy and crunchy...


The slices of cakes below were the one we bought for Shasha. She always sing the birthday song, then with her imagination she wants to blew up the candles. So, I just bought the caramel latte and green tea mousse from Mums Bakery. There were not much left actually, since we were there almost 8.30 pm. We grabbed a candle as well, we sang together and she blew up that candle. She was really excited at that time.

Green Tea Mousse

Caramel Latte

Us...blowing the candle..

----Lunch at Escapade Sushi----

Last Monday, my hubby, my bro-in-law, Shasha and I went to Escapade Sushi for our lunch. This week is my off week,so I can eat rice. Next week, I will be starting not eating rice...again. So, my hubby treat us and of course..thanks Sayang. This is the first timefor Shasha to eat the Baby Tako...which means the baby octopus.

Baby octopus....

Salmon Sashimi..

First time..eating the octopus..hehe...



That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Am I too tired???

Am I too tired?
With people around me
I chose to be quiet
Even, it was not the real me

Am I too tired?
Been hurt by someone…
Seems is cleared
Kind of trend, myself I warned…

Am I too tired?
To share tears with them
Don’t care being hatred
I am doing fine…talk to the hand..

Am I too tired?
To feel so depressed
I guess it was hurt
After all the confessed…

Am I too tired?
Never, when I am with someone I love
Yes, love you poured and filled
Thankfulness, for you my other half…

Aziah Hizazi @ MamaShasha

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My Korean Series Collection

Salam and Hello ppl,
I would like to share with you guys my collections of the Korean Series. Please don't get me wrong when I am saying this here,k. I am the one who is hardly to borrow or lend my things to other people. I just will borrow this to those who really close to me and I trust that person. MiyaNe...(I am sorry)...

My Korean Series Collections....

Haven't watched this..The Gourmet is the latest one, I just bought it last two nights...
Love Korean Series...

This is my collections. I have watched...
Click to each of the Title and will bring to the youtube....
The one in black...there is no link I could find in youtube. That is a new series too...
Winter sonata
My love patzzi
Full house
Stairway to heaven
Sad love story
Save your last dance for me
Which star are you from
Autumn in my heart
Princess Hours
Prince Hours
Hello, My lady
My Lovely Samsoon
The Coffee Prince
One Mother and three dads
My Girl
Bad Love
Robber Of My Heart
Love Story in Havard
Only You
Memories in Bali (not recommended)
Love Truly 1
Love Truly 2
Daughters-in-Law 1
Daughters-in-Law 2
My Perfect Neighbour
Green Rose


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Green Rose

I just finished watching a korean series called Green Rose. I will give this series 8 out of 10. Love the Hero and Heroin. Fuuhh...most of the Korean Series never dissapointed me with the handsome Hero and Beautiful Heroin.

The review of the story ( I picked this from the CD cover):

A man framed of being as acriminal, as he was reaching the peak of success, gets chased by the police and becomes a fugitive. Slowly he is forgotten by the people around him ann presemue that he has died. After much difficulty, he finally goes back to Korea. There he seeks revenge against those who caused the death of his mother and the loss of his beloved lover who beacme his enemy.

To those who love to watch any Korean Series, get the DVD and watch it. Nice story though. :)


Go Su as Lee Jung Hyum/ Jang Joong Won
Lee Da Hae as Oh-Soo-Ah
Lee Jong Hyuk as Shin Hyun Tae
Kim Suh Hyun as Cha Yoo Ran


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Lunch out with my UBD collegues..

Salam and Hello...
Last Saturday, I didn't go home for lunch, since we just had about 2 hours break. So, we went to Giant and had ur lunch at the food court. The food I ordered on that day is Seafood Tang Hoon salad and from the picture it was really convincing me. I was really upset and it was totally different with the one in the picture. The taste was just too sweet....and one thing for sure, I will never order that food again ever.

This is the food I the picture it was really totally me on that one...hehe..

Us...Soly, Nonnie, Roza, Fizah, Me and Dewi..

Thanks to Roza because she drove us there...

----------Class at 2 pm----------

This picture taken when we were waiting Sir Ali Amat to take our articles at his office...

Fizah, Me, Sareenah and Roza...
We are really into taking pictures....

Us again.....


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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Ambuyat Time...

Ambuyat is one of our famous local and traditional food. I love to eat this nowadays, especially if I have have my visit to my mum's place. She always served and make this for us. Before it turned to this, the texture is a bit like called 'Ambulong' and then, you have to mixed it well with hot water. Once it is done, it is turned into 'ambuyat'. You just have to dip it into the different type of sauces...such Tempoyak Sauce and Binjai Sauceto eat it. Usually, the ingredients to make the sauce is onion, small chilli, shrimp paste, lime juice, sugar, salt and tempoyak. We mainly call it as a 'CACAH'.I love ambuyat..and I am so proud to tell you that my Shasha love to eat it too. She started to eat ambuyat when she was one year old. :)

My little sister made this at 10 +ish pm..I guess this is her supper...

The next day, we have ambuyat for lunch...:)

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Ya Habibi...Ya Maulana...OR Kareena Kapoor..???

Who is this little girl? Ya Habibi? Kareena Kapoor? hehe...her eyes look like chinese. haha She is just an innocent girl who is being tortured by her aunties (Ngangah Ejah, Babu Baby and Ucu Mizah) and being forced to wear this saree...:)

Who is behind the saree?

It is my precious girl...Shasha

She enjoyed eventhough she is being forced to wear the saree...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Brunei Local Food

Salam and Hello to everyone...

first of all, I would like to say thanks to those who visiting my blog. I feel glad to know there are many incoming visitors from other countries. Well, here I am, introducing the food that you can find in Brunei. May be, one day, you want to try and eat these foods whenever you come to our peaceful, beautiful and lovely country, Brunei.

This is what we call 'Kuih Lenggang'

This is 'Kuih Suji'...


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Just pictures...

This is my first attempt editing pictures using Microsoft Office Pictures. Yeah, I learnt some of the tips from my friend's blog, where they share about the creativity in there. Well, I have learnt some of the tips but yet I am more interested to know about on how editing the pictures. There are only few simple steps to follow and you will get a good outcome from it. I saw my friend's blog, Suzi, she was trying edit the pictures using the Microsoft Office Pictures and the outcome was not bad at all. So, I just want to give a try. No harm to try...:)

Taken during our stay at Empire last December...

Putrajaya...I love the architecture. This one was taken by my hubby when he was having a course in KL for 4 days.

KLCC....I miss this place.

KLCC...I love you...hehe...thanks sayang for taking this picture for my view. This is the view from his room.

I call this picture as "The Hole In The Sky". I took this picture using my Digital Camera when we were on the way back to Brunei from Miri.

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Loves from MamaShasha

I think he is too tired...

The picture above is taken last 5 minutes ago. It was candid and I am going to show to him this picture later, once he woke up. I think, my Sayang is too tired and exhausted. Enjoyz your sleep Sayang....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

@ Keramut Telisai....

Salam and Hello ppl,
last Sunday, we went back home to our parent's place in Tutong in the afternoon around 2pm. As we promised my cousin, Ka Ilee that we will be going to their place at Keramut Telisai. Before that, we took some pictures with my hubby, Shasha and my sis. We left my mum's place at 4.15pm and our destination only took about 15 to 20 mins to reach Telisai. As usual, we had gathering, we commonly will be having ambuyat for our dish. mum's made the tempoyak sauce, I made my own sauce for my hubby , Ka Illee made sambal belacan and also, I made Sambal Belacan Udang Kering (dried shrimp). After we had our dinner, we played guitar hero. Wahh....we really had a great time, I was the vocalist BUT most of the songs is so unfamiliar to me. Ka Ilee is really good at playing guitar and singing at the same time. FFuuhh...I salute lah.hehehe...I think I loveplaying drum and be a vocalist more than playing the guitar itself. I am not really good at it. CChheehhh....hehe...Anyway, thanks Ka Illee for preparing Udang for us. Nyaman....
I am playing guitar hero...I like it...hehe
She is just pose infront of the camera...haha

Ambuyat dip sauce called Tempoyak (I made this for my Sayang)

Sambal Belacan Ka Ilee

Salad....dipped in with the Sambal Belacan...

Love the picture...

Ice Chocolate with chocolate cream...

Sambal Belacan Dried Shrimp...

Just a picture... I overposed?haha..taken by my sis...

My sis, Ejah, My Princess, Shasha and Me.

Here we are...

Me and My Sayang...

Love you Sayang..

Me and My Sayang..

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Loves from MamaShasha

My Japanese Name written in Katakana...Thanks Andree....

My Japanese Name written in Katakana...
First of all, I would like to say thanks a lot to my dearest Andree. He wrote my Japanese Name and this is his handwriting. It is really awesome and nice. Thank you so much, dear. I really appreciate it. I will treat once you come back to Brunei this February. Can't wait to see you...and Good Luck for your Kanji quiz tomorrow. I know you can do it dear. Ganbatte to you...:)


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Interest to buy saree..????

To whom love can click Yes, Saree from Singapore. All the contacts information are there. . Mari-mari, sementara stock masih ada...


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Saturday Afternoon...

Shasha has been asking her dad and mum, and always mentioning about the swimming pool...She wants to swim. So, her dad setting up the swimming pool for her while she went out with my Sis. She was sleeping in the car, but she was straight away look so fresh and really excited to swim. LOL. BUt most ofthe photos, Shasha look so tense, not in a good moodI guess. It is hard to see her smiling and some of the pictures, her face so tense. Anyway, I used my Canon 50D to take some pictures and some of it is I am using my SOny Digital Camera. Well, i think you guys will know from the quality of the picture itself. She likes and loves to play water...believe me...

See..she is not smiling...

Wahh...this swimming pool is mine...

She looks tired..

Shasha wearing her safety jacket...

She is floating...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

about me...

A wife to my beLoved hubby, Hardi and a mother to my lovely daugther, Nurin Shasha and to our handsome prince, Muhammad Luqmanulhakim.Love them so much.I am a simple person, Teaching is my career, Love my parents. Love Singing, Love Arts, Love Writing Poems, Love Music, Love Shoppings,Love Window Shopping, Love Cooking. Love Photography,Love blogging and love to learn new things..


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Poem For My Sayang

Cold weather greeted me to online
A special day, unforgettable chat with you
‘HardyBoy’ represented your lines, ‘DzCute’ mine
Fancied to know entire of you
‘Hello’ was how the conversation started
‘Hello to you too’ was how you answered
An hour spent wasn’t enough
Chemistry between us wasn’t a rough
First call didn’t turn to be the last
Phone rang turned up there was never end
Hearts touched was surely fast
Shared and trust began, believe it was never bend
Switched pictures presented ours
Loves started to blooming so deeply
Felt in love definitely occur
Feelings came and interfered suddenly
20th November 1998 when our love whispered
You said‘I love you’ , I was hearing
Night streched, darkness as our witnessed
Winter season we always remembering
King Cross Station where we first met
Kept on searching, his shadows clearly came
Mixed emotions shared our first date
Attractive eyes and smiles he blamed
Felt the warmth of his hand
Held my hand, loves he uttered
Internal feelings from me to my man
Was unbelievable, unexplainable and oddly pured
We walked along the street
Holding hands as we promised
Laughters well-treated, cared I need
Flowers you gave, I was so pleased
Love to you definitely sure and pure
Telling lies would be never
You are the first and last for sure
We love each other would be forever

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