Detz badak mandi....

Babah & Shasha
Gambar ramai lapas Detz bebadak
Me and Detz...Am I losing weight?hehe...that's Detz's Sister, mm..inda sah kalau inda menyampuk..hehhe
Me and my cousins
Me, my cousins and my aunties from my mum's side

Salam and Hello ppl,

now I am in my room and just come back from my cousin's house for her 'BADAK MANDI' Occasions that held after Isyak Prayer. There, we met some of my cousins and we took a lot lot of pictures. All of us have similar hobby..taking pictures. Memang pantang meliat camera. I will be posting some of our pictures here. After the occasion done with Doa Selamat, we had a dinner. I just ate a small amount of Fried Noodles, Vege n kuih. Then, we were playing cards...cheh, I won only once...and I lost for 3 times. I am the king of loser...haha....never mind, as long as I have fun with them.

My cousin, Detz told me that I lost weight. Thanks detz...lupa bawa usin tadi.and I also heard from my cousin's friend told her that I am losing weight too.hehe...That person actually a friend of mine and we met during our first orientation day in UBD last Monday. Alhamdulillah...that's what I want actually and I need to lose more and more kilos. I want to lose at least 5 more kilos for this coming Hari Raya.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Unexpected Double Date, Watching Movie and Mamam

My sayang and I before kami liat wayang
Maya and her hubby..
Me and Sayang

Salam and Hello ppl,

this afternoon I went to Q-Lap Mall to watch The Mummy Return, I bought the ticket this morning. Before we go to the Mall, I recieved a call from my dearest friend, Maya. She asked me about the movie.hehe...alum lagi meliat, sudah tia betanya. I told her that we are about to go there. Then, she asked me to book tickets for them and they hoped to get seats that next to us. Unfortunately, the seats are fully booked on the upper row but ewe managed to book for them on the second row. So, there we go, watching the movie.

The Mummy Return: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, Michelle Yeoh, John Hannah
Directed by:
Rob Cohen
Produced by:
Chris Brigham, Sean Daniel, Stephen Sommers

Well, I give double thumbs up for this movie and 9.5 out 10 stars. You guys should watch it. Everything you want to see in this name it, even there are some of the funniest scenes especially when the war scene. ehhe...really funny. The is also a romantic part which a son of O'Connel, ALex met a beautiful chinese woman, called Lin. She is gonna live forever. However, hey were fall in love for the first sight. Lin at first refused and denied that she fell in love with Alex. Just because she says this..."I don't want to see you die...,"...she said. I feel touched when she whispered that to him. Even us, we wish we don't to see our beloved dying in front of us, right. Well, it is our fate, all of us will die. Semua kehendak Allah...Anyway, Watch it if you want to know what I am takling about here. I am not really good in commenting the movie.hehe

Then, we had our mamam at Jollibee. I felt so hungry because I didn't have my lunch. My last meal in the morning, which I just ate sikit daging, timun and pusu di DTE. Di jollibee, I ordered the new meal, not sure what is the name and also a sotanghoon soup. hehe..That is considered my dinner, I think.

P/S: To my friend, Suzi. We are sorry girls, this time we had our date without you. It is unplanned date actually. Next time, we go out for date, k.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Miss my dear friend, Maya and kids

The girls are playing the musical instruments
Dato Jamil's School playing the RECORDER
Now, the boys tgurn laying the musical instruments...
Salam and Hello ppl,

I just come back home. Anyway, this morning I went to UBD since today they have this talk about the library. Actually, I am supposed to be at DTE today because the SUT will be listening our students choir for the Hari Guru performance. As I planned, I headed to DTE around 9 and I was really happy I met my friend, Maya and some other friends too. I miss them so much. I wasn't there during the last practice. I was also happy to see all the kids singing and paying the musical instruments. Everyone watched their performance was happily clapping thier hands. Wow, congrats kids. I want to see you guys do more better than today, k. I know, I will not be joining some other time during the practice, I will try my best to be there. Just that I love the kids, I like to hear them singing. That's the main thing that encouraged and dragged my feet to be in DTE today, to see them singing. I am happy, happy and happy. Hope, I can see them for the next practice. I managed to take some of thier pictures. Enjoy your view...


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Chord F

Salam and Hello ppl,
today, I practiced playing my keyboard for almost 30 mins. Today, I learned how to play new chord which id Chord F. So far, I remember what I have studied yesterday. During the pratice, I used my both hands..playing the treble clef and bass clef. I played the Here Comes The Bride.Well, I think I can play the song just by looking at the my lappy screen but not very smoothly. I need to practice more to make myself playing the song more smoothly. Will do actually. Wish me luck...:)


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Buying the Piano lessons books and CD

Salam and Hello ppl,
yeah, last night, my hubby helped me to buy those CDs and Books thru internet using Paypal. Luckily, he got the account. So, I am just paying him next month..hehe...I told you guys that I am having the piano free lessons via online, guess is just up to lesson 4. So, no choice, I have to buy the lessons...I can even download the files., I really want to learn piano and be a pro one day. Perhaps, i can play for you guys in the future. Wish me luck....

Can't wait for my piano lessons books to come...I enjoyed the free lessons...that's why encouraged to order this.

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Breakfast Out & Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut

Shasha is eating her maratabak
My Laksa Mawi World
Us after finishing our breakfast...

Salam and Hello ppl,

as the titles mentioned up there, this morning we went out breakfast with my parents-in-laws, Bapa, babu and also my youngest bro-in-law, Pijal. We picked them up at 10 am, then filled up our car's fuels and then, we headed to Aminah Harith Restaurant in Jerudong area. To me, I like the laksa there, I ordered the Laksa Mawi World....hehe...the different with the laksa johor is just an addition of one big fried prawn...LOL...but time I made a request to the waiter, so that change the thick laksa noodle (the white one) into the thin noodles (mee halus). At least, it had lessen the fattening of a dish...hehe...

Then, we headed to Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut Mall. The destination was actually suggested my mum-in-law last Monday. At that time, we were on the way home from the Pasar Borong. They were accompanying us to buy the vegetables. Then, she said...'Alum tah pernah ke mari ani..,"..hehe....that's why my hubby membawa drang bejalan ke sana today.

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Jollibee & Soon Lee Batu Satu

As usual, Shasha always pointed to the slide and surely she will play it.
This is a picture of us in the fitting room.

Salam and hello ppl,

my family and I went our for dinner at Jollibee. I ate sikit sphagetti, chips and Chicken Sotanghoon.Nyaman.hehe...I haven't eat any rice for a week now, except yesterday. I ate sikit pulut panggang and sikit tapai.Even, I feel gulity bila makan those things. I want to try not to eat rice for 6 weeks. Give me your support. Today, I lost weight again when I weighed on the scale. Ada lah satu kilo lagi. But still, a kilo give a much difference to me.

After that, we went to Soon Lee Megamart to buy my baju and some other things for Shasha. I managed to buy 4 baju...honestly ppl, I need baju untuk jalan2, makin kurang sudah rasanya.hehe...anyway, when I was testing all the trousers, Shasha joined me in the fitting room. Sampat lagi begambar...hehe

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Salam and Hello ppl,

anyway, I just come back from Stadium.Yeah,my first exercise of the week. As usual, my cousin baby accompanied me. I just do the fast walk and slow jog in for 40 mins. As soon as we done the cooling down part, I felt dizzy and want to vomit. Luckily, I have sweets inside my handbag. If not, I would be vomitted at the place I park my car. Then, I had a rest in my car, just to calm myslef. Well, after 5 mins eating the sweets and having the short rest, I started to feel alright. Then, we took a picture..hehe...BUT I forgot to put in my memory card, so it is save inside the camera itself. I have no idea how to transfer the picture to the memory card.

Yeah...the picture is successfully transfered.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

I didn't stop there..

Salam and Hello ppl,
yeah, i didn't stop there. I continued my piano lesson. Wahh...I am enjoying myself. I did play using my both hands..LEFT AND RIGHT.What else?hehe...I learn Chord just now. Chord C.hehe...This is one of my dream...I have to make sure..I will be a pro one day...Amin.Love my keyboard YAMAHA DGX 620.hehe...thanks my keyboard. I should name my it...HEART.What do u guys think?haha...byezzz....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Online Piano Lessons

Salam and Hello ppl,
I just finished my online piano lessons. I had learnt about what fingers should I use to press the white keys. I am just practicing my fingers and make use of it. I have to make sure, I press with the right fingers.Alhamdulillah, so far I can catch up. Actually, I learnt with my friend, Maya before. It didn't freak me out and some of it so familiar to me.

So, now what I have to do is just keep on practicing my fingers. At the same time, I am learning how to read the music notes. Today, I have covered, the 'DASH' and 'REST'. Dash means you have to hold one beat of the last keys and REST mean I have to rest one beat. Anyway, I will have my practice after this.Wish me luck...:)


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Great weekend..

A special pose from Nurin Shasha

All of us

There is my auntie and her grandchild....Farah.Mama was looking at Shasha.hehe

Shasha is running...di depan kolam udang...hehe....

Salam and hello ppl,

I am so lazy to update this blog. I feel so tired. But I have to push myself to make a post here about our Sunday. Last Saturday night, as I mentioned here before that my family and I have spending a night at my mum's place. So, my hubby was asking me..where about is the best restaurant in Tutong for breakfast. Well, I told him...there was not even one yang the, I recommended just to go to JErudong, Aminah Harith Restaurant.mmm...because my hubby mau treated my family for breakfast. So, the next morning...apparently, my mum and I was talking about my auntie who lives in Keramut Telisai. My mum told me that she really miss Shasha so much. So, I asked my hubby if he agree or not, if I change the breakfast venue. Then, we changed our venue to K.Koya Restaurant at Telisai. We want to bring along my auntie. When my mum called her up, she was really happy that we bring her along.hehe...

Well time lagi belanja. Mudah2 an murah rezeki...Amin...

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Loving Me....Loving You

Hello again my friends,for those who are waiting for my poems..thank you anyway. I feel glad, there is someone out there really appreciate my poem.Thanks, and I really appreciate it. Now, I post a poem...I am using words...Loving Me Loving You to form this poem. Hope you guys like it...:)

Love consist full of meanings
Or full of romantic actions are doing
Verses and says the magic words
I Love You, it is really worth
Need you in my life
Growth of my love as a witness
Memories are always alive
Even if you want me to prove it,why not?
oving me, Loving you
Our loves drawn well in our heart
Variety of love ingredients from you
Inner part of me, accept it without hard
Nights, I read your beautiful poems
Go along with the melody of the songs
Yawning, fell asleep and can feel the warmth
Of your love, is very strong
Unlike the old days without you…..

Wrote By:Normas@MamaShasha


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

YYEEEAHHHHHHH......HABIS EXAM...Watched The Dark Knight...

Salam and Hello people...

I just want to make a shoutout here.....YYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!

Finally, exam habis. Relief berabis but not really, my hubby and I will be waiting for the result lagi. Hopefully, both of us...will get a good band.Amin...I dun mind, as long as I get 6.5...pray for me.:)

Anyway, after we finished our exams, we headed to Big Papa' Restaurant. Sooo...Hungry eh....hehe...I ordered Mee Mamak. Actually,I craved to eat that di sana. So, sampaikan tah hajat. Then, our next destination was Q-Lap Mall...guess what?? haha..we wanted to watch movie, The Dark Knight. I will give some comments about the movie later. We reached there...10 mins to one pm. Then, the next show will be at 2. So, we just bought the ticket and zoomed balik ke rumah. We have to pick up our things pasal kan tidur di rumah my parents di Tutong. Well, balik semula ke Q-Lap Mall at are not late actually.hehe...

Now, I want to start to give my comments and opiniosn about the movie. Overall...I can say the movie is ok. I give 6/10. To me, the story was a bit messy, ok plang BUT...too much actions, to much scenes, too much violence, sometimes at one point, I closed my eyes...was just because I don't want to see the voilence actions in there...we are not focusing to one bandits...there are two bandits there...JOKER and TWO FACES...ish...kacau...Well people, I am not good in commenting a movie, I think you should watch it.hehe...

Ok guys, have to go..I want to have a rest...byezzz....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Please Read This..

Dear All,

I am selling BND5.00 coupons for the Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar to be held on 3rd Aug 2008 from 8.00am to 5.30 pm at Kg Bengkurong.

The coupons can be used for playing games, getting involved in the activities, buying food and other items. The money will 100% be funded to Pusat Ehsan.

Please e-mail us if you want the coupons.

OR you could SMS us directly at:


When was the last time you did a community service?

P/S: I am only heping my friend to advertise this in my blog. So, if interested, yhou can call the number given above. Byezzz

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Salam and Hello ppl,

last night, I went our with family. Our first destination was Hua Ho Manggis Mall because we accompanied my sister to buy some presents for her friend's for their upcoming wedding. Anyway, after that we went off to Supa Save and actually I wanted to buy the ready cooked grilled chicken unfortunately not my luck. It was finished. My sister treated us ice creams and we ate our ice creams after our dinner. My mum didn't want to join us when the picture is takewn because she said she is tired.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Hello my dear friend, this is a poem wrote by me today.Hope you like it...

I love to be around you
Count the uncounted smiles and laughs
Always given with all of you
Real, true , honest without a bluff
Envy for who you are
For your attempt to cheer me
Oh…I am glad I found you not too far
Respects and promises that I see
You are always in my mind
Out of no way, your face appear
Uttered sweet words make you shine
Am I standing on my feet or flying on the air?
Lightens my life in each day
Whispered words give me the strength
Assure your presence I do care
You and I, there shouldn’t be any length
Showing this means I care about you…
Wrote By:NormasAziah@MamaShasha

This time I use words..I care for you always to form this poem. Hope you will like it...You are free to give an honest comment..thanks...


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Salam and Hello people,
once my stepped in our room , just come back from work, I heard my hubby was playing my keyboard. hehe..he was practicing how to play with all the fingers but there is no book in front.hehe...Then, Shasha joined him but Shasha told her babah...Mau Buku.hehe...that's why my hubby picked one book and simpan di dapannya.LOL....just really amazed me.hehe...but I have to make sure one day, she knows how to play piano. At least, she can play for us.:)

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


salam and Hello ppl,
my hubby and I will be sitting for IELTS exam this Saturday. Wish us a good luck..haha...

Friday: Oral
Saturday: Written Exam

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Friends are always there when you need them

Represents their heart to the fullest

I accept that without a shame

Eager to share for you my dearest

No is a word rarely to hear

Doubt a friend might hurt

Shoulder’s volunteered, accompanied with tears

How they show the love, that is not weird

I want to see your sweet smile

Pleased, hooked and amazed me

Survive our friendship till the end of our life

Written By:Normas@MamaShasha, 23/7/08
This is the poem wrote by me. I would like to dedicate this poem to my friends, especially to Suzi and Maya. Love you girlsss


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha


Salam and Hello ppl,
mm...want to update my blog a bit. Forgot to mention here,last night 'US' had our dinner at Ahan Thai at Gadong area. Actually, we didn't plan to have our dinner at the restaurant. Lapas kami balik dari rumah Babu, my hubby asked me, is there anything I want to eat. first,I told him that I want to have soup for my dinner. At first, we thought want to go to Soto Rosmini Restaurant again. We changed our plan since we think that there is no baby chair for Shasha. My second to eat list is Beef Tang Hoon salad. I used to cook it but feel so tired and all the ingredients nya nada di rumah. So, makan lah saja di Ahan Thai. Nyaman people who have been there, mus knowthe size of the glasses kan..there is small, normal and XL. My hubby ordered a XL Watermelon Juice drink for me...basar kali ah. So, he finished up my drink, surrender ku.hehe....maklum tah tangki ani damit udah :P haha...

Anyway, sorry for this late post. Keyboard punya pasal, lupa tarus post pasal our dinner last night.hehe...Will post our pics later..I just feel too exhausted...


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Finally...I OWN IT!

Salam and hello ppl,

anyway, I would like to make a shoutout here...FINALLY...I OWN IT!!!!!!! As I mentioned in here before, lately my interest is more into music and at the moment I am learning how to read the music notes. At last, alhamdulillah. Today, 22/7/08, I bought YAMAHA DGX 620. To be frank, I have a desire to own the real piano...but I know I can't afford to buy it. Insya Allah, if I am playing the piano like a pro, definitely I will buy the Kawai Piano. hehe...just wish me luck...hehe....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Not feeling well..

Salam and Hello ppl,
if people are asking me today..How Are You? I am definitely say that I am sick. I don't feel very well today. I woke up very late today, around 6.45 am because I didn't set my wakey wakey alarm last night. I slept at 11 +ish and my hubby was accompany Shasha till she asleep. Even, he made 'susu' for Shasha last night. He didn't complain last night. I think he knew that I am really exhausted.

Today, I am in my computer lab and time shows 12.40pm. ishh..ish..I am not well. I wish I could go home but today we have to be in school in the afternoon. mm..bagi malas. Well, we paid for it though, kalau inda, malas kali jua kan stay back di sekolah. Now, Cg Maya nd I are thinking , where are we heading to for our lunch. mm..I don't want to take rice today, AGAIN! I have to cut down my carbo ppl. I know, you guys will be thinking that I keep saying..NO RICE...NO RICE..hehe..I have to do this just to keep me on the right track of my dieting.hehe...well, I think,that's it for now. Ta Raaa

That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Exercise @ Stadium

Salam and Hello ppl,
this is my first post for today. I did not have enough space to update my blog this morning. Monday, as usual, I am full with my classes. This morning, I didn't do anything just teaching and have a look at the ielts books, just want to go through the tips that are given and perhaps it is very important for me to know.

I left school at 12.55 pm and reached home around 1.15pm as I promised my sayang. I had my lunch and NO RICE. Meratah2 saja is good ebough to me nowadays. After that, I spent the whole afternoon with my daughter Shasha. I have to do that since I didn't have much quality time spending with her lately. So, I just took the opportunity to play with her, and of course sometimes I have to yell a bit.hehe..macam2 udah ulah nya.She is growing up...hehe...

Around 4.40 pm, I recieved sms from my cousin, baby. I did text her earlier asking when are we going to the Stadium to do exercise.So, as we agreed, I pick her up at Kak Nah's house around 5.10pm. That was my first time having exercise di sana. Yeah, I really had a great time with her. We had a slow walk and sometimes go for a fast beat. keep repeating doing that for 45 mins. word describing after my exercise...EXCELLENT!
Nyaman rasa badan tarus. I think, I will join baby exercise lagi when ever I feel want to.I will definitely go for it.hehe....


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Fun @ Bowling

All of Us

Shasha and Mama

Salam and Hello ppl,

well, today my family and I went out and had a date with my friends and family. As we all have agreed to meet up at Jollibee at Bowling Utama at 10 pm.So, we were the first turned up and can see very clearly there are many parking spaces is available. Well, my sayang decided to have our order first while waiting for the others to come. After 4 minutes, Suzi and Sharul came and as usual she give Shasha a she said, she loves Shasha more. Then, I recieved sms from Maya and she told me that they will be a bit late and were on their way.

We had our breakfast at Jollibee. I ate Spagetti and a chicken. To me it is very heavy breakfast.

hehe...but I am not taking any rice meal today.Naa..ah, I try not to take any ricelah. Then, we played bowling.My games for today was really a crap. Ishh..bagi malu...haha...I scored 67 saja.ish...what a day. Nevermind girls, I will practice sayang scored 155 kali tadi. Congrats sayang...hehe...

Me and the girls

We took some pictures and well, what can I say...I am the cutest amongst all...haha...girls, jgn marah ah. It has been approved.haha...Alhamdulillah girls, everyone get along together. hehe...I think, we should go out again some other time, what do u think girls???

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha last...

Salam and Hello ppl,

finally, today is my first exercise activity after my last surgery. My doctor already allowed and give green light for me if I want to do some exercises activity. I always remember what he told me so that I will not do any heavy activity. So, I just do my exercise on my threadmill that I have been negelecting it all these while. I did the slow walk for 20 mins, do 5 mins cycling and step and do my body swing on the figure trimming. I sweat a lot. I really want that actually and I guess I burn some of my, I am not taking any rice at all, not even a small portion...Na ahhh and not even for my dinner later.

This is a picture of my small gym time I will take a picture when I am doing my exercise on it.hehe..


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Saturday,19/7/08 @ SR Kiarong

Salam and Hello ppl,

well, this morning we went to SR Kiarong for our practice and we reached there around 8 am. The jasamu guru lyrics had changed a little bit and I could see that the students give a good progress today. I mean they sing better than the last time. May be now they know the melody.

Today, I already got the 'Sebarkan Ke Santero Dunia' from the composer itself, Milin. Actually, I used to search this song before but don't know where to find it. So, I requested it from Milin and today, i already got the song. Thanks Dude! Frankly speaking, I really like this song since the first time I heard the song sang by Putri Norizah during the competition and at that time Milin was singing lagu Cinta Monyet, if I am not mistaken. Somehow, this song telling to the world, how rich our culture is and in here the names of the permainan kanak2 Brunei pun ada.So, bukan saja ke dunia, we should introduce to our new generations nowadays how unique is the permainan kanak2 Brunei. I miss my childhood time you guys. We used to play Simban, TinTing, Kaki Tiga and so many games lagi lah with my cousins. One more thing, we should introduce lagu kanak-kanak Brunei to them as well. Just can't believe it, some of them doesn't know lagu Oh Kanak Kanak.mmm...unbelievable.

The students gave a good job actually because they can catch up more faster than we thought. They were doing a body percussions by doing the clapping in different beats during the bridge of Jasamu Guru song. Even, Mr Jammy was impressed.hehe...Well Done Boys and Girls.

This is Irfan and our cutest student.

The picture above, I didn't know there was Milin in there. It is because after the picture is taken, he was standing behind us. mm...he moved so fast eh, tau2 ada ia dalam atu.hehe....

The students are listening to Mr Jammy instructions and there are our girls yang duduk dari dapan.
Our students, Wafi, Aziz and As are eating nasi lemak during the tea break

Remember, the one I told you guys in here pasal my students kan belanja ah. mm..tadi inda tau2, dibalinya tia minuman for me and Cg Maya. Kasian jua eh, sampai hajatnya kan belanja cigunya...thanks As!

Minuman yang kana lanja oleh our student, As. It costs him $1 to buy this for us.hehe...


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My Necklace Collections

Salam and Hello ppl,

feel so bored and I am thinking what I am going to do. Then, I took my camera and take a picture of collections of my necklace. I have been collecting all these since January. I am not trying to show off or anything in here, but just want to show what is my hobby. Some of it I bought in Brunei and some in Singapore (my last trip in May). I am just being crazy and can't stop myself whenever I see quite attractive one. If I have my cash, I will definitely buy it.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Breakfast@Selera Alam

Kami di Selera Alam

Salam and hello ppl,

today is Friday and I woke up at 8+ish. I just hate it when I have to wake up so early. Masa cuti ani tah kan bangun akhir. Tapi,mmm...may be biasa sudah bangun awal atu kali. Anyway, tadi pagi my family and I went out for breakfast. This time we invite my parents-in-laws, my bro-in-law and my sis-in-law.My sayang memang kan belanja drang. mm...I ordered Mee Bandung and sayang order sweet and sour chicken. Well, there I go again with my carbo food. Ish...just can't stop myself not to ordering it. You know lah...mana ada masakan steam apa di restaurant ani...:) faham2 je lah. Ada saja alasan atu kan...hehe

My hubby's drink, Lime Freeze...I like to see the colour

After that, kami jalan2 and ngam jua my hubby n my bro-in-law kan menghantar our laptop ke kadai, mmm..well, they said ada, we managed to take few pictures di dalam kereta.hehe....

My happy family

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

Family Night Out

Shasha and her cousins

Shasha main slide
Salam and hello ppl,

this is my fourth post for today. mm...after work, I had a short nap because my little Shasha make me awake. After done with Asar prayer, we went to my parents-in-law's house. As usual, we had a minum-minum and we ate Durian Kuning. Yummy...hehe....

Here is the Durian Kuning

My bro-in-law and wife, Sheken belayar ke UK. Their flight was at 7.10pm. Around 5+ish, we went to the airport. Sarah and Yasmin ikut kami and Shasha was sitting with them at the back. I took some pictures when we were at the airport.

Picture of Yasmin, Sarah and Shasha. Cute kan drang pakai tudung. :)

Then, dari airport , we headed to Giant. Shasha kept saying 'using-using', I dunno. She got that word after my sister Ejah, bawa ia main slide di Giant last week. So, kami ke sana saja. Once we reached there, tarus ia main slide. Me and hubby made our order. I ordered Hokkien Mee and Sayang order Fried Kueh Tiaw. After I have finished my meal, I went to Jollibee to buy fries for Shasha. mm...dari jauh sudah kelihatan ada orang menjual, I went there and bought jeruk mangga masam. So yummy...

Our drinks

Hokkein Mee

Jeruk mangga disaluti sambal it look yummy to you guys??

Yesterday, my diet was really spoilt, out of track sudah rasanya. haha..this week saja tu...hehe...I have to start diet balik ni, krg inda muwat baju raya...

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That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

My Day

Salam ppl,
I just dunno what was really wrong with me today at school. All the things that I did is wrong. I had a my first class at 8.30 am.I was in a good mood BUT as soon as the two electrician guys came really annoyed me. I told them, that I will be having class shortly, but they said they are going to do it in 10 mins. So, I just allowed them to do their works. After 5 mins, my next class turned up to the ICT lab. So far that I could see, I know they are not going to be done in 5 mins time.

Then, I asked my students to come in and sat on the floor. That was my routine actually. Before they sit in front of their computer, they have to sit on the floor and I have to explain them briefly what are they going to do. Then, one of the guy asked me, boleh di cabut inda karan atu? I was just thinking the socket atu effect nya arah the espeed saja. Somehow, when I was trying to explain to the students, tetutup tarus the…rasakan marah. Then, I just let the students take their seats and do their work. Something lagi turned up I thought that the computers will not be affected…darn! Some of the computers are not working. So, the students have to share lah and do their works. Today ah, really menguji my keimanan. Ishh…*sigh*

During the break time, me and Cg Maya melatih students choir especially the boys. They have to familiar with the melody dulu, then baru tah sanang menguasai lagu atu. Alhamdullilah, ada progress drang. Hopefully, they can do more better on Saturday. Sekali lagi menguji kesabaran ku. We need the Smart Board speaker atu jua untuk melatih murid. Kalinya, inda tah dapat jua SmartBoard ah. Drang salah pasang the wayar. Ish…so, I called them back just to fix it.After 10 mins, baru tah is a story about my day at work.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

One Day @SR Kiarong

Salam and Hello to ppl,

now, i decide want to do my blog both in malay and english. I should have done this post last Wednesday BUT since I didn't have my Camera USB so it stopped me. Inda best kalau update blog tapi inda dapat upload gambar. Yeah, I managed to buy Memory Card reader at NetZone. As long as I can upload all pictures everytime do my posting.

I remember that I did mention in here before that we have to do our practice two times a week which is on Wednesday and Saturday. So, on 16th July, we went to SR Kiarong but we were a bit late on that day. We reached there around 8.40 am. On that day, the students was practicing to play some of musical instrumets which are a recorder, drum, tambourine and some other instruments. Well, to me they did very well on that day.Before the sound was really upside down, then Mr Jammy taught the students the BEATS that they have to know. What I remember, he said...TATI TA..TATI TA...hehe...

Mr Jammy is teaching the beats

I am posing and have a set around of my students.

Around 9 plus, Ak Amilin came and bring along his new song that composed by himself. Honestly ppl, I want to give him double thumbs up for his song. The melody is nice to hear, sounds cheeky and the music....WOW! I can say that he is very talented composer. Congrats to him. I wish I could produce songs like him. The title of the song is Jasamu Guru. I could see that all the students were enjoying to sing that song as well. Even all the teachers was really amazed and excited when they listen to the music.Lawa...surprise...Insya Allah, you all will listen to the song one day...THE REAL DAY!

This is a picture of us, Cg Maya, Ak Amilin, Our Students and Me.

Ada lagi satu yang aku inda lupa on that day. Kan me kan mengirim minuman to the students. Aziz and As. This is our conversation.

Me: Aziz, bali kan cikgu minuman.
Aziz:Minuman apa cigu?
Me: Asal saja sajuk.
As:Aku belanja cigu ah, aku ada banyak duit.

mm...well, ada hatinya bah kan belanja cigunya.kasian kan. Tapi ku bagi saja duit.Kasian. From there, we know how appreciate the students are to the teacher. Behatio banar ya kan membali minuman for me. hehe...Well, Cikgu hanya dapat mendoakan supaya kamu berjaya dalam pelajaran. Amin.


That's all that I can share for now,
Loves from MamaShasha

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